First Tweets: putting the ‘mas back in Xmas, Trump threatens to fire Mnuchin

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…Because of course, it’s Steve Mnuchin’s fault the stock market’s down, not any of those stupid trade “policies” or the idiocy of threatening post-WWII economic and security alliances. And leaking this to Bloomberg isn’t some ploy, because you don’t still believe in Santa, do you… Individual-1? More Quantitative Sleazing.

President Trump has weighed dismissing Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, a source familiar with the president’s thinking told Bloomberg News.

Another source told Bloomberg said that Mnuchin’s future at the helm of the Treasury Department depends on whether the market continues to drop.

Trump’s unhappiness with his treasury chief was reported the day after Mnuchin released a statement seeking to reassure financial markets as stocks continued to plunge. Mnuchin’s statement came following reports that Trump was considering firing Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

Trump has reportedly asked if some of his advisers could meet with Powell, which would undermine Mnuchin’s authority, according to Bloomberg. Mnuchin meets with Powell every week and the Treasury chief is typically tasked with relaying the White House’s views.

2/Syria withdrawal was “a complete reversal,” done “without deliberation” and “no consideration of risks.” Allies and partners are “shocked and totally bewildered”, Syrian Democratic Forces “don’t believe this is happening,” a senior administration official familiar tells me.
3/Decision comes at a critical time in the fight against ISIS, with US military & partners “in a Tora Bora situation” in N. Syria with ISIS cornered. US has reason to believe ISIS leader al-Baghdadi & senior cmdrs could be trapped in “a little pocket,” based in part on vigorous defense
4/Contradicting President Trump, the Senior Admin Official warns “Russia loves this,” referring to the US withdrawal, and continues to send a message to partners that “if Americans are your friends, they’ll abandon you”
5/More broadly, this official says the national security decision-making process in the administration has “basically stopped working…with decisions made on a whim on phone calls”
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David Bishop
David Bishop

I’ve been asking friends for 10 to 1 odds that the subpoenaed foreign business is Deutsche Bank. No one will even take 2 to 1 odds or they just scratch their heads and look uninformed ( more so the latter).

Points 2-5 just reiterate trump is nothing more that a leveraged double agent traitor.

But let’s just allow this idiot to continue, shall we?

Donna Doggett
Donna Doggett

Anyone that continues to support this crap show is a traitor as far as I’m concerned. They would no longer be my friends.