Trump continues the lies because he’s got nothing. He’s projecting scandal on NBC and the media now because, apparently, he watched the SNL cold open last night.

And Trump’s projective jonesing for Strzok seems to be the result of RWNJ blogs about Deep State conspiracies.

President Donald Trump went on Twitter Saturday to put forward a storyline that is clearly misleading, pushing an argument that makes a software error sound like a grand anti-Trump conspiracy theory. Considering his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani did the same thing, it all looked like part of a coordinated strategy to plant doubts about the ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

A few hours earlier, Giuliani had put forward a similar message in a tweet. “How can Mueller’s gang get away with erasing over 19,000 texts of Trump haters Stroyk and Page? They say it was DOJ policy to destroy evidence? I guess Mueller’s angry Democrats fall under the Hillary exception to obstruction of justice. She erased over 30,000 emails,” Giuliani wrote, misspelling Strzok’s name. He then published five more tweets on the issue (including two he sent twice for some reason), often linking to conservative news outlets.

Instead, the missing texts— thousands of which were ultimately recovered by the way—had to do with a technology failure by the software the FBI used to sweep up the messages. The report by the inspector general said there was no evidence either Strzok nor Page purposefully tried to get around any kind of protocol by deleting messages.…

by annieli/DailyKos

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  1. A REAL scandal, on a national level is the idea this idiotic moron called Trump being the leader of the free world when in fact he is just a conman, a carpet bagging snake oil salesman, who continues to spin his lies with the double tongue, the BS about Clinton for one, yea so if she is a crook lock her up, YOU, Mr. Orange Orangutan…are STILL a corrupt lying criminal, so that just doesn’t fly with anyone other than the peanuts you’ve hoodwinked into believing a single morsel of garbage you pile on to deflect from ALL of your deficiencies, defects, lies and scandals. And let’s not forget how you install these equally ignorant, inept, and corrupt underlings, lackeys and of course your bigly unqualified children as well. So what should be tested in court? The indicting of a sitting president? If you are so innocent and have been so wrongly treated, then…prove it, instead of whining like a 2 year old and twitting with your tweeter, (like every really great leader obviously would) prove it, you can’t we all know it so here’s to a giant cheeseburger and late night TV fake news heart attack, hope you enjoy! BIGLY.

    • So well written LW, ive been following the orange idiot since his start. As an Aussie, removed from the issues that DT brings to the Average American. His mishandling of policy and proceedures is having a negative effect on our economy. One can only hope DT does the decent thing and leaves the WH


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