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Individual-1 tried to frame rMoney as the successor to Jeff Flake, picking up on memes floating in the blogosphere, taunting him as not a “team player”.

The real message is claiming the wall has already been paid for, while still shutting down the government.


And yet he wants $5 billion more in a shakedown, since he claims more is needed beyond what has already been approved by the House (for the wall). Another Trump boondoggle, since an actual wall will cost at least $21 billion.

If it’s true that “the wall’s being paid for” then why was he taunting the Democrats about not being in DC, when no member of Congress was there during the now continuing shutdown. None of them are Mexicans, although maybe Trump thinks that Mitt qualifies since his father was born there.

Trump continues pimping the meme that “Mexico is (already) paying for the wall” even as NAFTA 2.0 has not been approved by Congress and like most of his ravings, is as disingenuous as the 10% “middle-class tax cut” promised during the mid-term election.

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) union just filed a lawsuit against the Trump Administration for forcing employees to work without pay during the government shutdown


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