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Not much original this morning as Individual-1 tries to sound enthusiastic about his “run to the border” stunt today in McAllen, Texas.

Last night’s late night tweets were probably more important because he was reacting to MSNBC’s reporting on his using the Oval Office speech stunt as a “fundraiser”.

Spine of steel, Nancy Pelosi.

President Trump enjoyed unified control of the entire federal government for two years. He forgot to get his wall funded during those two years. Now he’s taken the entire federal government hostage at the point at which he probably can’t any longer get it.

Not only do no Democrats support any version of the President’s wall fantasy. They don’t fear his supporters or his bully pulpit. They just concluded an election in which Trump made border paranoia and race baiting the central campaign issue. They won a resounding victory. Democrats have no incentive to give him anything to encourage his reckless behavior and they are in fact offering nothing. Republican leaders today were verging on apoplectic because Democrats were refusing to negotiate in response to Trump’s hostage taking.

Now Trump would certainly say that despite Republican control of Congress he needed to meet the 60 vote threshold in the Senate. But that’s not really the point. That only means he wasn’t able to dictate on this issue during those first two years. There would people he had to persuade or entice who weren’t loyalists. He had to … for lack of anything better let’s use that most trite and overused word, lead. Presidents are leaders of their party. They use the copious tools at their disposal to make deals. They have to offer something or meaningfully threaten something to get their way. He failed at both.

Reality begins to actually solidify, even at Fox news as #TrumpRussia closes in.

In better news…

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