Finally: CNN Reporter Says We Can No Longer Ignore Trump’s Mental Instability

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As we’ve noted, there is a new heaviness in the air. Something is very wrong. We are no longer dealing with “normal Trump zaniness.” No, it is real, and real serious.

Thankfully, some in the mainstream media are reaching the same conclusion, and feel the same sense of urgency. This morning, Brian Stelter, from CNN, called on the media generally to stop “tip-toeing” around Trump’s mental instability:

“He’s getting worse,” Stelter said at the top of his weekend show focussing on the media CNN’s Reliable Sources. “We can see it. It’s happening in public but it’s still a very hard, very sensitive story to cover. I’m talking of course about President Trump, about his behavior, about his instability.”

Thank you.

Yes, it is still a “very sensitive” story to cover, because about 40% of Americans prefer to live in a flatter, simpler, dimension, one in which Trump can do no wrong. For them, everything on your three-dimensional channel is “fake.” I suppose that is why Stelter called on other news organizations to join him in a higher reality.

“Look, all of these stories are covered in the moment, individually, by reporters,” Stelter said. “News outlets use words like erratic, volatile, unstable but rarely are Trump’s words and actions covered as a whole and rarely do news outlets take it to that next level. Okay, what he just said seems crazy—what does that reveal about him? We rarely see it go to that next step.”

Thankfully, he isn’t talking about us, here at Zoom. We have the posts to prove it.

We have had our ears to the ground for a couple weeks now. Gone are some of the more irreverent and ironic posts, instead – we’re going with irrefutable, irrefutable evidence that “our” president is decompensating before our eyes.

“It’s really a series of questions that no one is able to answer,” he declared. “Why does he make it all about himself even after visiting a hospital after a massacre? Why does he lie so often? Is there a method to the madness or is something wrong? Is he suffering from some sort of illness? It’s questions, questions and then just more questions.”

Yes, lots of questions for a trained psychiatric team.

But for the rest of us, the only question is how do we extricate ourselves from this truck-wreck with the least amount of damage to the American system and psyche. We cannot afford to diagnose the man from afar, no point. Upon agreement that the man is wholly unfit for office, the only question for us non-Trump physicians is “what’s next?”

I have no idea.

Under the 25th Amendment, it is Pence and the cabinet. Does Pence look or sound like a leader ready to hoist the country on his back to do the right thing, even if his boss’s feelings get hurt? Do we even count the votes of cabinet members that are “acting” members? Hell if I know.

So that isn’t an option.

So, what else? To me, it must involve some incentive for Trump to step down. Perhaps the Republicans in the Senate can convince Trump that, should he step down, Pence will pardon him for any and all crimes Trump might have committed in the past, leaving Trump vulnerable only to state crimes, which would likely go away if everything decided that the world would be better off with Trump fully behind us?

Fck, I have no idea.

I know this, Trump isn’t about to step down on his own accord. He isn’t coming out to the Rose Garden to speak to the nation, and “humbly state that I feel it is time that I focus more upon my own health, such that the nation is best served if I step down.”

That ain’t happening. He still thinks he’s more likely to end-up on Mount Rushmore than in a courtroom, or hospital room. Which is just more evidence …

But, I do know this. The only way we can progress toward some sort of resolution is for the pressure to mount, to the point it is coming from all directions, including the Right. Thet presupposes that the media is willing to get real, and tough, asking the really tough questions:

“Senator McConnell, at what point have you seen enough?”

“Senator Graham, Is there any symptom that you’re not willing to brush aside in the name of MAGA?”

“Senator Romney, do you think the president is mentally well?”

Get them on the record means making a record. The record can only be made by questions put to the people that can act upon them. But that will only happen when the media reaches a consensus, that they’ve seen enough. Stelter has seen enough, and put out a much too late, but very much needed challenge.

We’re here if they need some advice.


Peace, y’all



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