Sweet Jesus. Four years ago, I neve thought that I would live to see this day. This is what I like to call the afterbirth of the presidential campaign, especially in 2020. There are already 93 million votes in the can, in an almost unbelievably divided populace, with few voters left to sway.. And yet tomorrow, both candidates, as well as their surrogates, will be criss-crossing battleground stats, desperately trying to scrape off one more barnacle vote for their cause. But what are the remaining voters who bother to show up at these last minute rallies to garner their support actually going to hear?

Let’s face it people, 2020 fucking sucked! A deadly pandemic virus, one that our own President hid from us, swept across the country, and the damage it did., not only to our economy, but our own national pride and cohesion has been almost impossible to express. It has left more than 9 million infected, more than 230,000 of us dead, anbd the delicate infrastructure of small businesses that power the sconomy lost and in tatters. So, on the two sides, what are the closing arguments>

Well, on the Trump side, they’re running a bit thin on surrogates to take the battleground states. Trump sent Melania out to stump for him, but she always seems to come off like Teri Garr’s character in Young Frankenstein And he sent Dipshit Donnie Redux and Ivanka out on the road for him, but, Jesus Christ, I wouldn’t listen to one on jy own childre4n about something like this.

Trump’s own message is incredibly simple. The fucking coronavirus sucks! He had the world by the short-and-curlies before that thing came along, so don’t blame him! The rest is nothing more than a personal list of kvetches and bitches that he has collected for the last four years. Biden is a socialist, Kamala is a worse socialist, Nancy Pelosi is the antichrist, yadda, yadda, yadda, Trump has yet to expound even a simple theory as to what he would do inn a second term to turn things around.

And then, there’s the Biden-Harris argument, which is actually extremely simple. Trump alone has fucked everything up, and Biden alone can fix it!  The main difference is that Biden and Harris, along with former President Barack Obama, just keep tossing out viable plans for dealing with all of the national nightmares trump has left untouched. And best yet, they use humor to tie Trump to his failures, making him look like a fool.

Look, there aren’t really all that many votes to sway this year, which is one reason why I tend to trust the polling, people have largely made up their minds,

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  1. I think Trump’s the Antichrist. I’ve been saying that from day one after his election. 666 must be lurking somewhere! And the “mark of the beast” on his masses. I say that in very dark sardonic humor.

    • 666 Fifth Ave is the address of Jared’s accursed property that his father tried to get Qatar to finance. They did finally get $1.1B from Qatar in rent for 99 years paid up front. There you go.

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