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Spike Lee’s film “Blackkklansmen” is competing at the Cannes Film Festival. Part of the film deals with the Charlottesville murder of Heather Heyer. Lee spoke of Trump and his part in Charlottesville in blistering and profane terms.

“And we have a guy in the White House — I’m not gonna say his f*cking name — who defined that moment not just for Americans but the world, and that motherf*cker was given the chance to say we are about love, not hate,” the director said as he leaned into the microphone. “And that motherf*cker did not denounce the motherf*cking Klan, the alt-right, and those Nazis motherf*ckers. It was a defining moment, and he could have said to the world, not just the United States, that we were better than that.”

“The so-called American cradle of democracy?  That’s bullshit,” he continued. “The United States of America was built on the genocide of native people and slavery. That is the fabric of the United States of America. As my Brooklyn brother Jay-Z would say, ‘facts.’

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