FFS, the number of times Donald Trump said ‘hell’ is not worth a single paragraph of reporting

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Oh, yeah. This is the problem, right here: Trump’s “is the profanity presidency, full of four-letter denunciations of his enemies and earthy dismissals of allegations lodged against him,” according to The New York Times. Why, can you imagine, “In a single speech on Friday alone, he managed to throw out a ‘hell,’ an ‘ass’ and a couple of ‘bullshits’ for good measure.”

It turns out, upon consultation with the experts, that Trump’s supporters eat this up because it seems authentic, or because it shows him to be a “disrupter.” But some people feel that the naughty language is a bad thing that debases the office.

And some of us think the problem is that we have a media that is writing stories about how many times Trump said “hell” while he separates families and poisons our air and packs the courts. And yes, any given publication can cover all of those topics and more, but—while we’re talking about debasing things—bringing up a “hell” count as an issue with Trump does debase substantive, meaningful criticism of the damage he’s doing to everything, from the Constitution to the planet.

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Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

Nothing says “authentic” child like tRump’s four letter vocabulary. BTW, I believe “ass” has only three. But who’s counting? Certainly not tRump.