Feds raid Trump lawyer who did tax work on Trump tower Chicago

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Gage Skidmore / Flickr

So, this is happening.  The Feds are apparently raiding the lawyer who worked on Trump Tower in Chicago.  According to the Hill, the Feds showed up this a.m., asked everyone to leave and put brown paper on the doors.

The lawyer in question, Ed Burke is famous in Chicago circles as the ex-alderman, who along with “Fast” Eddie Vrdolyak was responsible for inciting the famous Council Wars in Chicago.  Apparently, the Feds showed up this morning and asked everyone to leave, and then proceeded to paper over the doors and windows.  There is no confirmation that this specifically has to do with the President, but outwardly it sure seems like it does.

Today we have had the latest edition of Cohen flipping on the President, Deutsche Bank (the presidents’bank) being raided for money laundering crimes, and now this.   While the latter two occurrences aren’t proven (yet) to being connected to DJT, it sure seems like big moves against the president are afoot.

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If all of this is going down because of Trump and it takes him, his family and his enablers down it will make these last two years worth it.

Surya-Patricia Lane Hood
Surya-Patricia Lane Hood

It is important to me that Pence gets taken down, too. I most certainly do not want him as president. He is ruthless and mean.