Surprised no one has mentioned this, but earlier this week, a federal judge fired a shot across the bow of the crybaby from Queens. In the midst of telling one of the Capitol rioters that he was going to be in jail for awhile, that judge delivered a sobering warning to Trump—he could potentially have to answer for his role in the horror of Jan. 6.

On Wednesday, federal judge Emmet Sullivan dealt with the case of Jeffrey Sabol, a Colorado geophysicist who is accused of grabbing a DC cop’s baton, then using it to attack another officer, among other things. Sabol went back to his home near Denver, fried all of his devices, then made his way to Boston in hopes of fleeing to Switzerland. But when he saw cops there, he rented a car and tried to make a break for it south. He only made it as far as the outer suburbs of New York City before being arrested. That escape attempt was enough by itself for Sullivan to deny Sabol bail.

AlterNet notes that Sullivan also cited Sabol’s “prior planning” ahead of the insurrection as a reason to keep him in jail. But in so doing, Sullivan also put Trump on notice—he could be in big trouble. From Alternet (by way of Marcy “Emptywheel” Wheeler):

“To be sure, to what extent President Trump’s words and actions led to the violent and shocking storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 is an important question, and one that could still have legal consequences for the former President and his prominent supporters,” Sullivan wrote, citing a civil lawsuit against the former president. “But President Trump’s culpability is not before this Court.”

It’s not often that you see a federal judge use this kind of language about an incumbent or former president. The fact that Sullivan pointed this out at all is a sign that Trump is in very real legal jeopardy. The only question is if and when his reckoning will come.

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  1. That is my hope everyday, that the ex twice impeached makeup wearing obese racist bastard gets what’s coming to him and his family!!!✌🏻️

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