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This is juicy. The federal judge handling the case of former Trump national security adviser Mike Flynn is weighing whether Flynn should face criminal contempt or perjury charges for withdrawing two separate guilty pleas he made under oath.

In an order Wednesday, Judge Emmet Sullivan appointed retired federal judge John Gleeson to present arguments against the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss Flynn’s case. Sullivan further ordered Gleeson to explore why Flynn “should not be held in criminal contempt for perjury.”

Flynn made multiple conflicting statements in sworn testimony before the court, and not all of them can be true, as Marcy Wheeler points out. In fact, during a pretty unforgettable hearing in late 2018, Sullivan made certain to document the fact that Flynn lied to the FBI and knew it was unlawful when he did it. “I was aware,” Flynn responded. Sullivan then gave Flynn several opportunities to withdraw his guilty plea at the time. Flynn declined.

“Do you understand that by maintaining your guilty plea and continuing with sentencing, you will give up your right forever to challenge the circumstances under which you were interviewed?” Sullivan asked.

“Yes, your honor,” Flynn responded.

A little over a year after that hearing, Flynn’s new legal team sought to withdraw his guilty plea.

But perhaps the most memorable part of that hearing was Sullivan’s assessment of Flynn’s conduct.

“Arguably, you sold your country out,” Sullivan said. Flynn later jumped at the chance to postpone his sentencing that day in order to theoretically provide further proof of his value as an informant for federal prosecutors. Ultimately, Flynn disavowed his plea, and then-Attorney General Bill Barr manufactured a reason to dismiss the charges against him.

Wonder what Judge Sullivan thinks of Attorney General Barr right now.

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  1. Barr’s flagrant position of acting as Trump’s attorney I stead of the being an attorney for the government, coupled with his misrepresentation of our Mueller’s findings and now wrongly dropping not a known and admitted liar while under oath makes Barr unfit for office and needs to be disbarred and put in prison. His actions Barr a gross misconduct of our long standing rule of law and justice. Barr as is Trump are both a total disgrace to their office and to our country.????????????????????

  2. It’s not just abuse of peer , it’s a criminal use
    of his office .
    The Justice dept are the ones who proved he lied multiple times to the FBI .
    The President fired Flynn for lying to the
    to Pence .
    He was a agent for a foreign power and never admitted to it when he became NSA .
    He was fired from Obama’s administration for not being truthful.
    He admitted being guilty of lying in court multiple times .
    What more can you ask for in a prosecution
    case brought by an Republican administration?
    Just another Trump fix !


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