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In a story related to today’s Nobel Prize Winner, and hunger, we have the polar opposite. Worker at Food Banks all over the country have made a surprising discovery. The latest Federal Assistance in the form of food boxes, contain something extra. Those boxes here just in time to help the growing number of homeless and hungry in America, include a side order of partisan politics.

In The BOX

The boxes contain a personally signed letter from Donald Trump, written in English and Spanish. The letter is letting the masses of hungry know that “Together, we’ll get through this crisis and big Daddy Don has your back, Mijo/Mija.” All of this blatant pandering only 35 days before the election.

Forget for a moment this is Donald’s umteenth crushing of the Hatch Act. Or that he’s using federal food to campaign, on your tax dollar. Forget the incredible, mind numbing tone deafness of pander to folks in a food box. Folks suffering from hunger he created. Right after threatening America, with no coming financial aid before the election (including money to support said Food Banks.) And, threatening America, that failing to reelect him, would be lucky on seeing any aid before the end of January. It’s so ham fisted, it almost fails as extortion… almost. Read more here.

But everything’s just peachy dandy, cuz Papa Don, is gonna throw  us all a roll of Brawny, just like he did those the poor buggers in Puerta Rico. That’s big Don. You’re a real sport.

So anyway, the workers at said Food Banks are removing the letters after discovering them and pushing down their bile, then disposing of them. Perhaps we can recycle the letters into toilet paper and have them serve double Doody (pun fully intended), and give Donald a proper thanks.

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  1. What a guy, huh? It’s the 2020 version (and empathy) of Marie Antoinette, who allegedly said of millions of peasants having no bread to eat, “Let them eat cake!”

    Decades from now, Antiques Roadshow will have a personally-signed food box letter: worth as much as the signatory himself: $0.00, nada, nichts, zip, ничего.

  2. Could put official voter ballot on them and dump them somewhere that they would be found like polling headquarters. Would probably drive them straight up a wall.


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