Facilities in Missouri and other states are actually setting up side entrances and similar to prevent the vaccinated from being seen.  Bullies are actively making those that would otherwise be vaccinated fear to do so.  The law is called upon to intervene to protect the rights of those seeking vaccination.


Dr. Priscilla Frase of Okarks Healthcare told ABC News that she had seen more than one person in disguise.

“I’ve had several people come in to get vaccinated who have sort of tried to disguise their appearance and even went so far as to say, ‘Please, please, please don’t let anybody know that I got this vaccine. I don’t want my friends to know,'” Frase explained.

According to the report, Okarks Healthcare now offers a “private setting” so that patients can get the vaccine without being seen.

She also is quoted here:

Dr. Priscilla Frase with Ozarks Healthcare explains the procedure, ” Every vaccine is given in a confidential environment. We have a private room for that. If you don’t want to be waiting in the waiting room, we’ll come out to the car for people. They can go through the drive-through. We’ll do whatever we can to accommodate. They don’t have to be worried about those things that they shouldn’t have to worry about if they’re making their own choice to get the vaccine, regardless of what their family or friends may think.”

How are they feelin empowered to behave like this?  What is giving them this authority?  

A California State Senator expresses his frustrations:

But that didn’t make this weekend’s protest any less concerning, (State Senator Dr. Richard) Pan said. The unrest was organized on Facebook, yet another sign the social network is failing to clamp down on vaccine misinformation. The anti-vaccine movement has noted ties to extremism and militias, and some of the protesters at Dodger Stadium appeared to have been present at rallies leading up to the 6 January Capitol attack, Pan said.

“This is part of an escalation of violence that we’re seeing in the anti-vaccine movement,” Pan said. “It’s not an isolated incident. Unfortunately, as they have continued to become more and more violent, they have suffered few consequences for that, and without consequences they will continue to increase their extremism and their violence.”

Now this happened in February.  But here again the “F” word is used, in this case the “F” word being Facebook.

Organized on Facebook. 

Over and over again we find these words.

To the point where perhaps a great many people would actually get vaccinated if they didn’t think they would get “caught.”

We need to get better at messaging.  There are parts of this country that view the vaccinated as threats.  They seem more and more emboldened with each passing week.

It is ironic that so many anti-vaxxers end up being silenced by Covid itself.  But then these people probably think it was given to them somehow.  There is no reasoning with irrationality.

It is irrational to try.


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