Fox Business / YouTube Senate Democrats criticize Kavanaugh s opening...
Fox Business / YouTube

Democratic Senators must wait until they have all viewed it than rush to the mics en masse to “characterize” it.

Who died and left Yurtle master of the known universe????

It doesn’t contain the location and dispositions of our ICBMs for Christ’s sake….

NBC News

“WASHINGTON — The much-awaited FBI’s supplemental background investigation was delivered overnight to Capitol Hill and lawmakers will start reading it on Thursday morning.

Republican senators said Wednesday that the file will be held in the Senate SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility), which is the classified area of the Capitol Visitor’s Center. The SCIF could be used so more senators can be accommodated than in the Judiciary Committee offices, which are fairly small.

According to committee aides and a document dictating how the file is to be handled, “The Security Manager shall maintain in a locked safe a log that reflects the date, time, and particular FBI background investigation report received by the Committee.”

The information in the background investigation file is not marked top secret or classified, but it is not to be leaked or even characterized. Senators are “not allowed to share any details whatsoever,” a committee aide said.

That rule will likely be tested.”
Damn right it will be tested and it should be.
I don’t think Senators should violate protocol to discuss previously reported information, but anything new it contains (and there must be new, pertinent info there or it would be stashed out of sight in a SCIF) must be “characterized” to the American people and to the media.
  1. Don’t give up the fight, Senators, we are still several News cycles away from the final vote.
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