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This will get dangerous for regular people, unless it is stopped soon, it will get dangerous. The far right of the far right is getting far out of hand. The FBI certainly understands the threat, and appears to be acting on it.

According to an internal memo circulated in May of this year, conspiracy-driven domestic extremists pose an increasing danger to … well, you and me. The memo specifically calls out the Qanon group.

As Yahoo News reports, the threat “very likely will emerge, spread, and evolve in the modern information marketplace, occasionally driving both groups and individual extremists to carry out criminal or violent acts.”

Unless you have researched conspiracy theories for novels, spending far too many hours on conspiracy-based websites, as I have, it would be difficult to appreciate the craziness infused into a good Qanon theory.

For those of you trapped in adulthood and real lives, Qanon is quite literally an “anonymous person,” purportedly deeply embedded in the White House, who posts cryptic messages on 4Chan (or one of those) and the posts get picked up on several other prominent conspiracy boards. Calling them “cryptic” is charitable. Whoever created Qanon makes Nostradamus look like a power point presentation.

As anyone who has read my novels knows, no one loves a good conspiracy theory more than me. Indeed, people do conspire, that’s why it is a crime in the first place. And, often, the ones most determined to get away with some master plot will sneer that accusations are a “conspiracy theory,” as if the label alone proves its falsehood. I have always believed that being a true skeptic begins with being open to the possibility that real conspiracies do exist.

However, this isn’t about that.

This isn’t even a good conspiracy theory. Unless you believe that Robert Mueller was working for Trump all along, and that his real mission was to flush out a global  Ponzi-Scheme run by Obama and the Clinton, and that such a theory could be encrypted into internet posts, well, it is not for you.

Or me.

It should not be for anyone, as the FBI duly notes. After all, we have already seen from Pizzagate, people do, in fact, get killed when things like this spiral out of control. The FBI also noted that we have an election coming up, imagine what can happen if it appears that Trump is about to lose? What kind of “conspiracy” can Trump drum up? How realistic can Trump make it look?

I will give you a hint. On the day that this memo was released, Trump himself had Qanon conspiracy-touting folks over to the White House, posed as real journalists.

Make no mistake, we have the single ugliest election season any of us have seen, coming, one perhaps unsurpassed since 1860. These people alone make the situation dangerous. As always, Trump can, and does, simply add fuel to a population dying to explode.

I suspect the FBI knows that, too.


My novels are here, for those interested in far more likely conspiracies …. involving aliens.



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  1. ….We just as well get this under control now
    as later . We’ve always said we are
    on the verge-of revolution, and it’s coming on quick .
    ….Sooo ,now is the time to get ready to get down and dirty ,in the gutter to fight these gutter snipes.
    …..It’s not likely they cannot win yet , but if Trump gets re-elected , all bets are off . They are dirtiest, slimiest, bunch of crud’s ,we probably have ever had to evict from office by force. .Their aim (with Russia’s help ) is to destroy the country, thinking they can rebuild
    in their own political ideal. But that’s hopeless.
    …They can destroy our system
    and allow the United States to self destruct.
    Not likely to ever to return again .
    ….Sounds crazy , ya , but so did the breakup of the Soviet Union on the 1970s . And the rise of Hitler in 1930s .
    … And if you look on the internet, you
    will find groups , that in fact ,have
    mapped out the perceived breakup
    as they hope will happen. At least think
    about it and maybe you won’t be surprised !!!

  2. I’ve read about this QAnon conspiracy stuff & it’s the craziest ideas & nonsense I’ve ever heard. Why people would be drawn to this level of crazy is beyond me. Here’s one–When the Mueller report came out it was supposed to show trump as the hero that took down a pedophile sex trafficking ring that Hillary Clinton, George Soros, & I don’t know, the tooth fairy perhaps, were somehow involved in. Well, that didn’t pan out, duh. Then JFK Jr. was supposed to arise from his watery grave & make an appearance at the July 4th. faux parade & that didn’t pan out either. Duh. Then there’s excuses & more conspiracies to explain why none of the other conspiracies have played out as planned. It’s ridiculous. These people are truly ignorant stupid people, I mean dropped on their heads as infants stupid. They need to be watched as domestic terrorists. They’re like the idiot guy that mailed the bombs to people & could be dangerous.


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