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Right wing pundits seem to have received the Nunes memo before anyone else. Almost as if this is all a planned political attack rather than an effort at transparency. And the right wing pundits say the memo claims Andy McCabe admitted that the Steele dossier was how the FISA warrant got authorized, and never mind that Carter Page was under surveillance even before he joined the Trump campaign.

Also remember: The GOP may be claiming that McCabe’s testimony is some sort of smoking gun, but they’re not allowing release of the full McCabe transcript. And don’t forget Papadopoulos— even the memo doesn’t. Oops.


Almost as if they’re cherry-picking and lying to create a false narrative to undermine an investigation into collusion with a hostile foreign power to undermine our democratic institutions.

How dangerous is this? Three top Russian spies were allowed into the United States last week, even though one of them is under sanctions. Just as Trump refused to comply with the law on Russian sanctions. Marcy Wheeler has a breakdown that must be read in full. It’s chilling.

The lights are no longer blinking red. Sirens are screaming.

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