From The Patriot News (Harrisburg, PA’s largest newspaper, a.k.a. :

Federal investigators delivered subpoenas or paid visits to several House and Senate Republican offices in the Pennsylvania Capitol on Tuesday and Wednesday, according to multiple sources.

At least some of the individuals receiving subpoenas were told they were not targets of an investigation, according to at least six sources reached by PennLive, but that they may have information of interest to the FBI. All of the sources had been briefed on the investigative moves in some way, but demanded anonymity in order to discuss them.

The information being requested centered around U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., and the effort to seek alternate electors as part of former President Donald Trump’s efforts to remain in office after the 2020 election, several sources said.…

The FBI is really on a roll. On Monday they searched TFG’s precious Merde a Lardo, and yesterday they seized PA GOP Rep. Scott Perry’s phone (…). Then today, of course, there’s this. 

Things are hotting up. Godspeed to the FBI and the Department of Justice in holding the guilty accountable. The survival of the country is at stake.

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