Farmer hammered by Trump tariffs tells CNN: ‘I’m off the Trump train’

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources / Flickr Farming...
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources / Flickr

If you don’t think Donald Trump is in a bit of trouble in the midwest—think again.

Watch as this farmer and now former Trump supporter tells CNN the reality of Trump’s tariff war: “We’re in a free fall out here in agriculture. We’ve seen 30% decrease in the prices of soybeans and this isn’t only about soybeans”

CNN’s Kate Bolduan then reminded Mr. Gibbs that he voted for Trump because of his “can do” attitude, which this diarist can’t understand— but Mr. Gibbs reply tells us that maybe, just maybe some farmers have had enough of Trump’s horrible presidency?

“I was on the Trump train, I was off the Trump train— back and forth. Finally got off at Helsinki. Helsinki was a mess to me. I couldn’t stand the waffling with Putin, so I’m off the Trump train.”

When I watched this interview, my first thought was how did Mr. Gibbs miss these warnings during the debates? Clear warnings that Donald Trump was a failed and terrible businessman. Warnings that he was indeed Putin’s puppet?

My first thought was, I was very angry. Then I thought for a moment, at the very least, this farmer has finally admitted his mistake and that gives me some hope that there are others in the midwest like him. I’m cautiously optimistic. Let’s hope they’ve finally learned their lesson about Trump, like Mr. Gibbs.

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Michael owens
Michael owens

DT = 💩

Impeach trump
Impeach trump

You need to vote trump out of office because no one is taking charge of our country and democracy-Or go get in line at Bankruptcy court with all of your ignorant fellow Republican farmers…