Nothing like a free for all in the last few hours leading up to the Republican National Convention by one of the stalwarts of the evangelical sect of Donald Trump’s cult, namely Jerry Falwell, Jr.

This is an interesting development. Falwell has said that he was being blackmailed by the pool boy. Maybe all they really did was get together and play Parcheesi?

This has all the earmarks of something that will get even stranger before it’s finally resolved. “Imagine a world, where an evangelical hypocrite of the basest order is outed by his lover, the pool boy, and then decides that his need to sell jet aircraft fuel to the Pentagon and hang out at the White House outweighs his moral obligations. He will soon find out why politics and religion don’t mix — here in the Twilight Zone.”

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  1. Looks like they both are struggling to have their hand on top. A dominate thing. Check donnie and putin. Putin is always on top and donnie is with everyone else. Guess we know who the boss is


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