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A survey released this week by the Commonwealth Fund found that, faced with soaring costs under the for-profit status quo, 58 percent of U.S. small business owners support replacing America’s dysfunctional healthcare system with Medicare for All.

Progressives celebrated the finding as evidence that a key argument in favor of Medicare for All—that the plan would reduce costs for small employers as well as millions of workers—is resonating.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), lead sponsor of Medicare for All legislation in the House, highlighted the poll on Twitter:

As the Commonwealth Fund pointed out in an overview of its survey, small businesses lack the advantages of large corporations when it comes to negotiating with the private insurance industry.

“Small-business owners are often left with little recourse and few options when a health insurance carrier hikes costs,” the organization noted.

According to the new poll, 61 percent of small business owners believe the pharmaceutical industry is “very responsible” for soaring healthcare costs, and 60 percent feel the same about the insurance industry.

The Business for Medicare for All coalition said on Twitter that the Commonwealth survey “confirms what we already know: Medicare for All is the only solution to our healthcare cost crisis that will offer relief to workers and small businesses alike.”


In an op-ed for The Nation in March, investor and entrepreneur Joe Sanberg argued a Medicare for All system would “reduce the cost of hiring workers, and lower costs for employers by taking them out of the business of buying and providing health coverage.”

“It turns out that Medicare for All is the right thing to do for people, and the smart thing to do for our economy,” wrote Sanberg. “The seven in 10 Americans who support Medicare For All understand that. Now, it’s time for our representatives to listen and act.”

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    • ..It will make it better. We have the funds ,and the (public funded Medical facilities) to do this . But it’s always profit , before people !
      It’s truly a sickness we’ve been unable to deal with .

  1. . It has always amazed me , that the most
    prosperous country the world has ever
    recorded , spending more on military, than then the next 8 countries combined, cannot afford health care for all Americans!
    And nearly every other country can , and do afford it .
    …This country has the world’s best medical apparatus , funded by tax payer funds , thru public universities, funded with taxpayer funds , and are unwilling to take care of our own.
    …Even worse ,we go to war , and destroy other countries infrastructure, and then repair their roads , bridges, buildings, prop up their governments , with billions of dollars.
    … And we don’t fix our own bridges , roads , or potholes . ..:America’s businesses are profitable ,beyond any in history, because of our,” military industrial complex”.
    ..:And we threaten other countries with destruction , like the world has never seen .
    … All the while , we are falling apart .
    …How much longer must we take this from our political parties .
    … Especially, those in the Trump administration , that have become the “most-blatantly “
    .,( corrupt) ,in the history of the republic??
    …And everyone knows it !!


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