Facebook exec who won’t stop Trump ads that smear Biden worked for RNC, NRSC, and Giuliani campaign

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As Daily Kos’ Marissa Higgins wrote Wednesday:

Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is currently running an ad on Facebook that, with absolutely no evidence, suggests that when he was vice president, Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine to coerce the country’s government into stopping an investigation into his son Hunter. Biden has repeatedly said that this story is completely false. Various reputable fact-checkers, ranging from Politifact to factcheck.org, have also disputed the claim. CNN, for example, refused to air the ad. It’s not a gray area or tricky wording—it’s a lie.

Did Facebook remove the ad? Nope. The tech giant rejected the Biden campaign’s request to pull the ad …

CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan tweeted a copy of the letter Facebook sent in response:

Note that the letter is signed by Katie Harbath, Facebook’s public policy director for global elections. Who is she?

The Washington Post notes:

As associate manager for policy at Facebook, Katie Harbath helps government officials and candidates for office maximize the potential of the site.

She joined Facebook in 2011 after directing the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s digital strategy during the 2010 election cycle.

Oh, really?

Career History: Chief Digital Strategist at the National Republican Senatorial Committee (2010 cycle) DCI Group, Deputy eCampaign Director Rudy Giuliani for President Campaign, Associate Director eCommunications Republican National Committee

NRSC. RNC. Rudy for President campaign. And now she’s telling the Biden campaign that, gee, gosh, Facebook doesn’t want to get political, and preventing Trump from running ads that are flat-out lies would be too political.

Facebook is toxic. Everyone who uses it needs to think about that.

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Boycott the Zuck, hand FB to the hard right, psst: it wont last long.

chris whitley
chris whitley

My isn’t that an amazing coincidence. Never thought much of Facebook. Always thought it pandered to people that wanted to whine about others in public medium. Yeah got kicked off Twitter for calling someone a fake redneck and pretty well washed my hands of social media.


Fake, lying, crooked, smug, repugnant Zuck doesn’t give a damn about anything except exercising total and suffocating control of FB and the money it generates.