Every day.  Every ever loving day.  Day after day, it is something else that this country could find a solution to if it just had the will.

1.  If it is a day that ends in “Y” a black person is probably threatened or worse by an overzealous cop.

2.  Every day people risk their lives by..going to school or shopping or watching a movie because some maniac with unfettered access to firearms may be there.

3.  Every day some Republican responds to said crises by making them worse.  Have an epidemic of violence?  Pass a law saying anyone over 21 can buy a handgun with no background check, no permit, or training.  Have an issue with police brutality?  Clearly the answer is to criminalize protesting, or in Florida’s case, immunize people from the vehicular manslaughter of them.

4.  Did your citizens nearly freeze to death en masse because utility deregulation ran amok?  Make the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks sing the National Anthem by state law.  (Protip:  Mark Cuban will probably sue and win because you can’t make someone sing a song.)  Then of course, degregulate further.

5.  Do you have a major outbreak of a virulent disease in your state?  Remove the power to issue restrictions from the Governor.  Then blame said Governor when predictably, the situation spirals out of control.  You know, for not doing anything.

6.  Does a vaccine cause less blood clots than is found in normal population?  (Hat tip to Laura Clawson.)  Moan on right wing media until the Government is forced to pause it thereby making an already stressed situation even worse.

7.  Do you think as a woman you have the right to decide who does and does not have physical relations with you, even if you are inebriated?   Well the Minnesota Supreme Court would like to tell you something.

8.  Do you have a homeless epidemic in your city?  Pass a law criminalizing helping them then arrest them for vagrancy.

9.  Are only 18 percent of your citizens vaccinated against Covid?  Have a baseball stadium full of people gather that ignore the mask request.  Then wonder weeks later if watching the Texas Rangers was worth what might end up causing a trip to see Uncle Venty.  For reference, the Texas Rangers probably have the worst team of their franchise history.

10.  Have you done literally nothing, zippo, not one motherhubbarding thing to assist the new President in saving the country?  Cry because he does not Tweet unhinged enough.

Look, this is just a sample.  The west may dry up because of climate changes, and anytime I pull out of our garage I see mostly SUV’s and minivans on the road.  In fact, Americans are so enamored with SUVs that many car companies are thinking about discontinuing sedans.

Americans, it seems just don’t care.  They are only interested in immediate gratification and show no interest, at least in high enough numbers, to actually create real change.  Sure they vote for it.  President Biden is change.  But he is one very good man who surrounded himself with competence who is challenged at every turn by malevolent narcissists looking to liquidate their own nation.

And what do Americans do?  What do they do when asked to be intelligent, to conserve, to be more respectful, and to protect each other?  They do this:

Texas Rangers Home Opener April 5th, 2021.  

Several things stand out with this picture, notably, how much they all look alike.  Mostly overweight, who probably do nothing to protect their health or anyone else’s.

Then they likely drive home in an obnoxious SUV.

If Americans don’t start caring, what exactly do they think will happen to our “empire” in time?

We can’t sing a song or stand for a flag our way out of this.

We will have to take actions that result in those symbols actually meaning something, other than a chance for fat bald men to cough on each other in an expression of “freedumb.”

And then comes tomorrow..


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