Extra! Trump Just Claimed He Saved ‘Billions’ Of American Lives Cutting Travel From China


I suppose it’s not too extreme that Donald Trump doesn’t know the population of the country that he is the democratically-elected head of. Or, perhaps he’s so used to exaggerating his wealth by adding on zeros and going from millions into billions, that he just did it today with the population as well. “Millions” sound trivial when you’re Trump. In all events, Trump stated, once again, that it’s a great thing if only 60,000 people die and in fact, he has saved “billions” by ending flights from China.

This is no small feat to save a billion Americans, especially since the population is only 328 million and some change. That means that every single one of us has been saved more than three times. But this is a guy who will tell you that he “fucked every supermodel in Europe” and he’s a “very stable genius” so take it with a grain of salt. Wild exaggeration and disregard for common sense, let alone the truth, is the norm for him. And actually, listening to him dissemble is better than listening to him threaten a constitutional crisis or abuse a reporter, so we should be grateful, maybe. After all, we’ve seen much worse.


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I just watched President Obama speak for 8 min.on tv , which I heard an intelligence man speak with heart and dignity. Than I see this speech that trump and it makes me sick. He states bullshit every day. A President should have some knowledge any to state the facts and truths. He is so stupid that he saved people when in FACT HE IS A KILLER. With his lies and miss information that people should rely on put them in the grave. We the people are saving each other through kindness and self preservation. We don’t need him AT… Read more »
Mick owens
Mick owens

Why the fk doesn’t someone just take the idiot out !!!.. one way or another. He’s a geriatric fool that is directly responsible for the deaths of thousands Of Americans. The mans a total embarrassment to America and its people.. if trump wasnt so bloody evil he would be the biggest joke on the planet