EXPOSED: Trump’s Medical Supply Theft Hypocrisy

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Rachel Maddow has a rule of thumb for dealing with the Trump cabal that I like repeating, Don’t pay attention to what they say, pay attention to what they do. But after 5 1/2 years of living in Trump’s slum tenement brain, I have my own rule of thumb that has yet to fail me; When Trump does something stupid, to understand, first ask how it benefits him personally.

You have to remember, Donald Trump is purely transactional. I once described him as a geometric figure, he doesn’t exist without an angle. In anything Trump does, he sees a benefit in that action for himself. It may well be a purely delusional benefit, but he still sees it as a benefit.

Trump looks like a complete moron, and a third rate hood for sending the FBI and DHS out to hijack privately purchased medical supplies from hospitals and states. So how does he gain? Simple. Trump has a supply problem. He never used the Emergency War Powers Act effectively to increase production, so his national stockpile is dwindling. But Trump’s overpowering ego demands that he go out every day and brag about the massive amount of supply relief he’s giving to the states and hospitals. And the easiest way to get rid of his stockpile shortage is to steal everybody else’s shit, put it in the stockpile, and then take personal credit for distributing it.

Because this is actually an evolving story, with still-moving parts, I want to start with a brief timeline, so that we all end up in the same place when we discuss the above promised hypocrisy;

  • On March 30th, at the end of her show, Rachel Maddow had a brief Doctor Feelgood segment about the California Service Employees International Union taking the bulls by the horn, and locating on its own a cache of 93,000 N95 surgical masks that it was in the process of purchasing for distribution to California first responders and medical personnel
  • On April 3rd, Rachel followed up on the original SEIU story by reporting that the FBI had actually determined that the cache of masks was nothing more than a con job. There was an active criminal investigation into the matter being run by the Pittsburgh US Attorney’s office
  • On April 10th, I wrote a largely laudatory article concerning how Las Vegas gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson had picked up the phone, placed an order with a Chinese company for 2 million N95 masks, sent a company freighter over to China, and dropped off 1 million masks in Albany, New York on the way home to Las Vegas with the rest of them
  • On April 10th, Rachel again updated the SEIU story, this time with the bombshell information that the whole reason that the FBI had discovered the scam in the first place was that it was investigating the shipment with an eye towards hijacking the shipment on delivery. Apparently the FBI and the DHS were now actively involved in felony hijacking or privately purchased medical equipment
  • On April 17th, Rachel had Illinois Governor JB Pritzker on her show, and Pritzker related some of the 007 bullshit he had to go through to ensure that a shipment he had ordered wasn’t hijacked at the airport by federal agencies

OK, so there’s the basic timeline. Take a quick look at it again, is there anything in there that just kind of jumps out at you as being somehow off, or wrong?

It was on March 30th when Rachel Maddow reported the original SEIU story about locating and trying to obtain the N95 masks. It was on April 3, four days later when she reported that the whole thing was a con job that the FBI was investigating. Which means that somewhere between March 30, and April 3, the FBI and DHS were already aware of the shipment, and planning to hijack it. It wasn’t until April 10th that I wrote about Adelson’s purchase and shipment of 2 million masks.

So here’s the burning question. If by no later than April 2, the FBI, DHS, possibly the NSA, and who knows, even the LMNOP were already drooling over the thought of pilfering a lousy 93,000 surgical masks, how in the ever loving fuck does Sheldon Adelson manage 10 days later to fly 2 million fucking masks into the United States, right under their noses, make an intermediate stop in Albany, New York to deliver half of them, and then continue on to Vegas to deliver the rest? If Trump was salivating over the thought of handing out 93,000 masks, he’d get Stormy Daniels quality wood over the thought of passing out 2 million of them. How is this possible?

Here’s how. Good, old fashioned bullshit hypocrisy. Anybody but me remember that Shelly Adelson is a long time, deep pockets GOP Super Donor? You know, the same one who finally funneled millions of dollars into Trump’s 2016 campaign after his wife nagged him long enough? The same Shelly Adelson that, with the GOP heading into November facing 2018 obstacles, if not worse, is going to have to open up his checkbook on a regular bases, for both Trump and the party if they’re going to have any shot at all? And if Sheldon Adelson wants to make a grandiose gesture of solidarity with the front line medical personnel of this country, El Pendejo Presidente had damn well better jeep his sticky fingers off of it, or come next January he’ll be posing for his booking photos on New York State criminal charges.

See how my caveat works? When Trump does something stupid, always look first for how it would benefit Trump to do it. It may be a stupid reason, but at least it’s a reason. And on the rare occasions when Trump doesn’t do something stupid, look first for the reason that benefits Trump. There’s always an angle my friends, always an angle.

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David Bishop
David Bishop

If this is true, this is some Hitlerian BS that is killing our citizens. This administration needs to resign en masse and be arrested for crimes against humanity.

chris whitley
chris whitley

There’s a representative working on that now.

Carla Panico
Carla Panico
Every so often a ( self delusional messiah ) pops his head up in the most unexpected places. Trump is certainly filling that bill . Thinks he’s been called by the GOD THAT HE has never believe in . It’s a symptom of megalomania, and as anyone’s can see he certainly fills the bill . If it were true , why would the United States, with only about 4 percent of the world population , have 25 percent of the Coronavirus epidemic cases in the world and have 20 percent of the world’s deaths . Trump fancies himself a special… Read more »
Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

The tRump/Republican response to the COVID-19 pandemic is nothing short of ethnic cleansing by negligence and a crime against humanity.