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Explosive new claims of Russian meddling in the Brexit referendum have emerged as it was revealed that Arron Banks, the millionaire who bankrolled the Leave campaign in the UK had three secret meetings with Vladimir Putin’s UK envoy. After the meetings, he then gave Russian officials telephone numbers for Donald Trump’s transition team.

According to the Mirror,  millionaire Brexit campaigner Arron Banks ‘had undisclosed meetings with Russians’. There were allegedly three secret meetings with Vladimir Putin’s UK envoy Alexander Yakovenko despite previous claims that there was only a ‘boozy lunch’ that the two men shared.

Leaked emails written by Banks and his close associate, Andy Wigmore – who are both close friends of ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage – show they were in close contact with Russian officials throughout the referendum campaign and afterwards.

Nigel Farage was a “key figurehead for the British exit from the EU in 2016.” And seems to be a big fan of Donald Trump.

Farage even visited Trump Tower after the US election, even ahead of British Prime Minister, Theresa May.  

SO, secret Russian meeting, shared contact info and then a meeting with Donald Trump.  There are so many similarities in every respect, down to the rhetoric being tossed around. Banks and Wigmore claim that their emails were ‘hacked’, messages ‘stolen’ and calling the hearing a ‘partisan witch hunt’ and accusing the investigation as ‘collusion’ with pro-EU campaigners.

Russia – witch hunt – no collusion.  Sound familiar?


Update: Check these out for more information on this subject:

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  1. Secret Russian meetings, defending Putin, lifting Russians sanctions, attempting to get Russian back into the G8. What more evidence do we need that this got is committing treason. Wake up people.

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