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It looks as though Melania Trump’s parents now live in the United States in order to help assist her with Barron, her 11-year old son. If so, that is really sweet and perfectly understandable. President Obama’s mother in-law lived with them throughout their period in the White House assisting with the very same type of things. However, Melania’s parents are from Slovenia and questions have come up regarding their immigration status. Here is where it gets weird, the White House is not talking.

Could it be that the White House “isn’t talking” because her parents are here through “chain migration” and the White House is trying to vilify such people and end the immigration program? The Washington Post broke down the possibilities, and one stood out as most likely, by a lot.

They could be here on an IR-5 visa, meaning they are legal permanent residents because they are the parents of a U.S. citizen. Kevin Johnson, dean of the UC Davis Law School, believes this is the most likely option, even though the administration’s immigration proposal would limit family visas to spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents, ending “extended-family chain migration.”

The Washington Post is far more charitable on the subject than I can or ever would be given Trump’s awful treatment of others. The Post lists three other possibilities, an extended tourist visa (six months to a year), “parole visa” (some extraordinary reason), or a student visa (next thing to impossible). Thus, I am going to say that the couple is here either due to the chain migration, or the extended tourist visa, neither of which would be accepted by the rabid Alt-Right crowd at Breitbart, and would explain the White House’s silence.

See, I am just cynical enough to use my eyes and ears. They tell me that there is no situation that the Trump administration wouldn’t exploit for their own benefit, if it did, in fact, benefit them. Melania’s parents are here to help her with Barron in a period that must be trying upon even the most perfect couple. So, again, the situation would seem really sweet, something that might be promoted, or at least answered if the answer itself was “acceptable” to the White House.

That tells me the answer is likely “unacceptable” and would invite some questions such as “Why is chain migration good for your son, but really bad for the poor Hispanic boy who would also like to have his grandparents involved in his upbringing?”

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  1. It has been reported that it takes an extended period of time to be admitted to the U.S. for family applicants in “chain migration.” How rapidly were her parents admitted? The “helping to care for her son” excuse is bogus. The White House is staffed with well staff “serving” personnel to meet any need of the family and Melania has her own staff. I’m also sure all the trumps have had and still have numerous servants at every location. Perhaps she should write a book: “It Takes a Nation Plus My Parents to Raise A Pre-teen.”

    She certainly isn’t a working mother as are so many of our female immigrants and she is not lacking money to pay for the best tutors and other helpers.


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