Excuse Me, New Hampshire? Just A Word To The Wise.

Out damn spot!   William Shakespeare   Macbeth

Hi New Hampshire, remember me? I few days ago I sent you guys a little love and commiseration about Saturday being your turn in the barrel. But I just learned something new, and now, unfortunately, it’s time for a little tough love. And unlike that ass gasket Dr Phil, we don’t do commercial breaks on this show.

The Tulsa Department of Health didn’t really sugar coat it much today. In pretty direct language, they held El Pendejo Presidente directly responsible for what they call a spike in their coronavirus reporting. What makes this even more chilling is that Tulsa was already in the middle of a spike when His Lowness oozed in for a visit. I’m not going to repeat the numbers, you all know my coronavirus catechism by now. But the simple fact that the city of Tulsa was able to not only identify, but trace the contact point for the latest spike tells you two things. One, it ain’t good, and two, it’s only going to get worse.

And now Swami Thunder Nuts is going to descend on Portsmouth, New Hampshire, like a plague of locusts, on Saturday. New Hampshire is not a natural fit for His Lowness at this point in the calendar. Trump narrowly lost New Hampshire in 2016, and it is not a deep red state where a large, friendly greeting is assured, hence holding the damn rally at an airplane hangar. And New Hampshire is different from Trump’s other recent visiting spots because it has busted its ass to keep the coronavirus under control.

So here’s the tough love my friends. Portsmouth, and the state of New Hampshire? Donald Trump is a mobile coronavirus Golden Corral buffet. And you don’t even have to wait until Saturday, his advance teams have this nasty habit of testing positive for coronavirus wherever they show up. Do your constituents a favor. Do yourselves a favor. Do something!

Look, I know that you can’t stop The Cheeto Prophet from plunking down onto the tarmac at Portsmouth for a visit, but you can control the event. That hangar is on city and state property. Sign an order mandating that facial coverings must be used while on the property, and that police will remove those who refuse to comply. Here’s even a better one. You know the hangar. Get the measurements. Calculate the total number of people that could be contained in that hangar within fire marshal limits. Then calculate how many people can be contained in that hangar with proper social distancing protocols, and strictly limit the attendance to that number.

But you have to do something! All of you, the local and state governments, your constituents, all of you worked too hard and sacrificed too much to keep the virus under control to throw it all away at the whim of The Great Pumpkin. Because if you don’t, you’re all going to hate yourselves 21 days from now, when you have to stand in front of the cameras and solemnly announce that there is a spike in the coronavirus in Portsmouth thanks to Il Douche. Take the bull by the horns, and save your state.

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Yup and then these idiots will come into Maine. We should close our border.