Jenna Ellis, a former senior legal adviser to Donald Trump, got taken to Sunday school after claiming on Twitter that “literally no one worships” the ex-president.

Ellis made the bold declaration after MSNBC’s Joy Reid tweeted that “idolatrous” worshippers of Trump would have their thoughts on biblical Christianity “taken with a huge pound of salt by people who are reasonably familiar with the Gospel.”

Ellis’ post soon got ratioed with a series of stark reminders.

Critics recalled the golden statue of Trump at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, the time Trump signed Bibles during a church visit, and how he, his allies and evangelicals claimed he’d been sent by God.

Others mockingly shared right-wing memes of Trump as a deity and suggested his supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 were also in holy thrall to the then-president.

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