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Until he was recently purged by new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, ex-Breitbart shouter Sebastian Gorka was a top Donald Trump “adviser” and a favored and deeply dishonest television surrogate for the White House’s anti-Muslim, anti-refugee policies.

Now Gorka is seamlessly moving from advising Donald Trump on What To Do About The Muslims to a new super PAC called MAGA Coalition, a group founded and staffed by promoters of lunatic conspiracy theories.

Adam Gingrich, the group’s president, has posed questions like “If Seth Rich was African-American, would the DC police get away with hiding body cam and other video footage?” and “Who murdered Seth Rich?” on his Twitter account, according to the Daily Beast. Gingrich he made his tweets private after the publication reached out to him. […]

Vandersteel, like Gingrich, has pushed Seth Rich conspiracies, as well as the so-called “Pizzagate” conspiracy. Pizzagate believers assert that Comet Ping Pong, a pizza joint in Washington, D.C., is actually a hub in a major child trafficking ring in which the Clintons play a role.

Among Vandersteel’s tweets, as captured by TPM: “@JamesOKeefeIII I will NOT be SURPRISED when we learn that this TEACHERS UNION has links to #PizzaGate. Very very SICK!”

So this is where prominent advisers to Donald Trump come from and go back to. He started out peddling anti-Muslim conspiracies on Breitbart and was drafted into the White House to craft conspiracy-riddled policies. Upon being booted, he immediately found a new home with people who think teachers’ unions are conspiring with Hillary Clinton in a child trafficking ring run out of the basement of a basementless local pizza restaurant, because reasons.

You’ll be seeing more of Gorka in his new role: He’s already headed down to Alabama to help stump for the execrable Roy Moore. There’s no word on whether he’ll bring new assertions of pizza-based conspiracies with him or will stick with wearing the medals of Nazi collaborators and spouting off about how we need to elect Moore, an open theocrat twice booted for putting his own religious beliefs over the direct orders of U.S. courts, because otherwise “liberals” and “Muslims” will institute religious law and that would be terrible.

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