It’s two weeks since Election Day and congratulations have been pouring in to Joe Biden from all over the globe. Even Marco Rubio has referred to Biden as “president-elect.” Everybody else but Donald Trump and his inner circle is willing to concede defeat and so that raises the question of what if he won’t leave the White House grounds voluntarily on January 20? Business Insider:

A worst-case scenario that appears unlikely but not entirely out of the question: A newly sworn-in President Biden shows up at the White House on January 20, ready to sign a pile of executive orders. But Trump insists he’s still president and won’t leave his desk in the Oval Office.

“That’s when you really get to the ultimate flashpoint,” one former senior DHS official said. “I can’t imagine it ever getting to that point, but in this environment, there’s a lot of firsts.”

There’s usually a clear script for presidential power handovers. The departing president hosts the president-elect at the White House on the morning of January 20 before they ride together to the US Capitol for the inaugural ceremony. Afterward, the ex-president and his family fly away in a helicopter. Meanwhile, staffers back at the White House swap out the outgoing president’s belongings for the new first family’s.

But it’s unclear whether those formalities will take place in January, or whether a spurned Trump would even attend the inauguration ceremonies. There’s speculation he might opt to leave town entirely or that he might not leave the White House and continue to dispute the election outcome.

One fact that does not bode well for the usual civilities that attend a transfer of administrations is that Melania has not telephoned Jill Biden to invite her to the White House for tea, as is tradition. It’s anticipated that this particular civility will not take place. This is truly a shame. Even in the instances of Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush’s presidencies, both the presidents and their wives graciously welcomed the incoming president and wife. But then Bush and Carter respected the institution of the White House and put country above self, and we know that’s not going to take place here. We already know who we’re dealing with, so contingency plans are being discussed.

The process for removing Trump from the Oval Office has been a hot topic of discussion lately on a group chat with former Secret Service officials and other DHS alumni from both Republican and Democratic administrations, said Douglas Smith, who served as assistant secretary for the Department of Homeland Security during the Obama administration.

One scenario that’s been floated: The Secret Service detail charged with guarding Trump would “sort of close their eyes” while Biden’s new Secret Service team comes in and walks Trump out the door, Smith said.

There’s also been speculation that the FBI could get involved, or that the US Marshal Service, a branch of the Justice Department, could come in and escort Trump out, Smith said. The US Marshal Service did not respond to a request for comment.

“This has never ever ever happened before,” Smith said. But ultimately, it could work just like any other eviction.

This could take place, because it would be an ultimate insult to Trump and his followers to see Trump walked out by the forces of the Deep State and so Trump may want to stage it that way, so that he can go out as a martyr.

What has happened to America? We used to be a decent and honorable people and now there’s a crazy man in the White House who doesn’t know the meaning of those words. Maybe America is in for more disgrace. It would not be surprising. It would merely be another scene in Trump’s script.

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  1. I believe tRump will show up because he will still wants to be relevant. He will most likely give a hate speech to his followers and put Biden down I don’t believe he can be anything other than a total arsehole. Will go down in history as the worst change of leadership in our lifetimes.

  2. 1. Check the Trump Exodus for any “Unplanned Mementos” from the last 4 years, including White House Art, Furniture, Property of any kind, The Statues he took from the British Embassy, batteries, stamps, paper, The Reagan China and Silverware… you know, shoplifting stuff.

    2. Members of the Trump Family and Cabinet, not off the premises by 12:01 01/20/2021, will be frog marched to the front door, and a trebuchet, made just for this occasion, will launch trespassers over Donald’s only true wall into a waiting shipping container earmarked for delivery to Turkey. Figure it will take several lesser team members to get the aim dialed in, but we don’t really need Pence or the Cabinet members anyway.

    3. Finally any personal effects remaining on the premises will be dumped into the trench Donald had dug out near the Press Briefing Room. Where it will be crushed and the trench filled in, to plant new roses.

    4. An invoice will be send to the Trump Organization to pay for returning the White House to it’s pre 2016 splendor, with the understanding, failure to pay within 30 days will result in Donald’s Tax Records and any crimes therein, being printed for national display on giant billboards across the country.

  3. He’ll ask his followers to camp out on the WH lawn, armed with AR-15’s to protect their president and all patriotic Americans against the Antifa coup – Or some such bull and the “SS” as he calls them will blink and they’ll let Trump sit inside the WH, tweeting and mocking Biden, the government and everyone who isn’t one of his brainless goons.


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