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Andrei Kozyrev Russia’s former Secretary of Foreign Affairs warned that Trump “appeared to be repeating, almost verbatim, Putin’s talking points on a variety of topics.” He added, that he believed Americans should be worried.

That’s strong stuff. We all suspect Trump is fed fascist strategies, “strongman” tactics, from Russia, because A) Trump wouldn’t know how to go about doing anything concerning a government, never mind a well-studied science such as manipulation of a populace. And, B) Who else would be the obvious source for this type of “gold,” the keys to the kingdom, how to rule by fiat even in a “democracy”?

But to have a Russian who served as Secretary of Foreign Affairs say that it is being fed to Trump and they’re not even bothering to change the wording around? That cuts. That cuts down deep, artery deep.

“What is really dangerous to my mind, fundamentally,” he explained in a heavy accent, “is that it is the first time ever an American President offered to a Russian counterpart in his tweet, in Trump’s tweet, the new basis for relationship — the new basis for discussions. The basis is that America is to be blamed for its stupidity. That America is to be blamed for troubles in it’s relationships.”

Oh my.

That would even slip by me and many smarter than me, people on the lookout for fascist manipulation. The blame for the current situation on “dumb American policy” sounds like typical Trump “blame Obama for everything.”

Until it doesn’t. It sounds like typical anti-Obama crap until an ex-Russian official tells us that it is Putin who needed it said, for the U.S. to take the blame for the tensions, and not the Russians who invaded Crimea, bombed Syria, still manipulate the Ukraine, and killed journalists, dissidents, including citizens in the United Kingdom, oh and stole an American election. It is the United States and its “dumb” policy that is to blame, ask our president.

“That is the wrong foundation and I can’t believe it happens, that it is America to blame. Putin is saying for the kids that it is America that has to change its behavior all over the agenda.”

I got swept up right along with it.

“The problem is not having normal or benign relations,” he advised. “But having relations based on the fact that it is all America’s fault, stupidity or whatever, and America has to correct it’s behavior. That really makes this an emergency situation to my mind. It is an emergency situation.”

Well, the arc of the universe is long and all, a Russian engineered the theft of an American election, and now a Russian is yelling at us from the rooftops that we’re killing ourselves.

When I read the above passage, I recalled a Trump tweet that I put in a separate article I wrote today.  This tweet:

Notice that Trump put italics around the “Justice” Department? That would be his Justice Department, just like he has “his” generals, and “his” intelligence communities, were it not for the fact that the Justice Department includes that agency that has the evidence against him. The italics.The italics serve an important purpose.

He is eating away at the legitimacy of our institutions, even those he theoretically controls – he just can’t control them enough.

It is the same damn thing. “Blame America.” “Dumb policy by previous administrations. Blame the Justice Department, stuffed with people who put their lives on the line to collect the evidence. Any doubts that Putin has any qualms killing an FBI agent that has the key evidence? But, blame the FBI for discovering that Russia engineered an American election.

Yet there he is, our president, doing exactly what Putin’s telling him to do according to none other than an ex-Russian Foreign official. From blaming America, to blaming the “justice department,” it’s all ensuring that the ones to really blame get away with everything.

It makes the man’s warning even more dire.


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