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Less than a week ago Carl Bernstein said Fox News is “abetting a cover-up” by the White House, where the creature who slithers around that place throws shit 24/7 at the FBI and Mueller—preparing a foundation for firing the special counsel.

During an appearance on CNN, Bernstein said that the attacks on Mueller by conservative news hosts, largely on Fox News, are helping White House staffers run a cover up linked to Mueller’s investigation. 

Today former CIA Director James Woolsey, who briefly served Trump’s transition team until old shitface started dumping on the intelligence community, told Fox, and particularly Lou Dobbs, that they’re “on notice” for trying to shut down the investigation with a stack of lies about “bias.” 

Early this week Deputy AG Rosenstein testified that there’s no reason to question Mueller’s objectivity.

Dobbs then said that he finds it “stunning that [Deputy Attorney General] Rob Rosenstein doesn’t find any need for any concern whatsoever, and even as his entire department has been ripped asunder by so many conflicts of interest.”  

Maytag Man Dobbs echoed the Daily Caller’s “hopelessly compromised” description of the investigation, joining the Fox drumbeat. Woolsey said the White House and Fox News stories amount to a “conspiratorial hit job” on Mueller. 

Meanwhile the investigation has arrested four bottom feeders from Trump’s team, securing two guilty pleas in this “hoax.” Fox and the president keep saying there’s nothing there and “everyone agrees.” WTF! No, hardly anyone agrees. One thing most people do agree on is that the arrests probably won’t end with just four. Some “hoax” or “dead-end investigation,” you fucking corporate traitor.

I’m not sure what Woolsey means by “on notice,” but hopefully something like, Keep doing this shit Fox and when these peckerheads in the WH are indicted, you’ll be complicit in the lies and bullshit, and the People will sue the crap out of your ass, you lying greedy monster.     

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