Further to yesterday’s story about top US corporations working to sink Biden’s climate change agenda comes this story about the Koch Network (can’t call them brothers anymore since there is only one left) and their efforts to not only sink Biden’s agenda, but to completely tank it and ensure mass extinction happens within our lifetimes. 

From the Rolling Stone:

Koch-aligned groups are together spending millions of dollars on advertising, targeting moderate Democratic lawmakers, and pushing their influence in the halls of Congress to whittle down or outright kill the sweeping policy package, which would represent the largest expansion of the social safety net in the past 50 years and the biggest step toward addressing climate change in U.S. history.

“Fighting the reconciliation bill is a top priority for Charles Koch’s surrogates,” says Connor Gibson, founder of the corporate watchdog organization Grassrootbeer Investigations, who has spent years tracking Koch influence in the United States. “This is a viable threat for his network, and we can see that all the tentacles of the Kochtopus are out in full force trying to stop it from passing.”

And make no mistake, the Koch Network is one of the biggest funders of climate change denier propaganda and has been working for the past several decades to prevent any and all meaningful climate change action or legislation.

If you want to know why nothing has been done about literally THE most important existential crisis in history, look no further than the fossil fuel promoting Koch Network. If you want to know why our government is so dysfunctional, look to the Koch Network. If you want to understand why democracy is failing and why we are at risk of losing everything, look to the Koch Network. 

Koch-backed groups fiercely opposed Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act and his cap-and-trade climate bill, successfully weakening the former and helping to kill the latter. The network’s groups have different mandates and focuses, including foreign policy, health care, and energy. At times, their libertarian leanings have found them making common cause with progressive groups — including by pushing to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to criticize government-mandated bans on racial-justice curriculums. But with a Democrat back in the White House, the Koch network of late has largely unified behind a push to stop Biden‘s agenda.

This is why we can’t have nice things. 

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