Everything is terrible today except this hilarious Twitter thread about Elizabeth Warren

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The Supreme Court is corrupted, families are being needlessly detained along our Southern border, held in cruel, squalid, deadly conditions and women’s rights are fading away before our very eyes. Everything is terrible … except this thread about Elizabeth Warren, which has provided a few much-needed chuckles on an otherwise gloomy day.

Warren has gained a reputation for simply being a good person. You hear personal accounts over and over again about how genuinely thoughtful she is at her core. After last night’s debate, where she was one of two clear winners on the night, a curious thread began to unravel on Twitter. Just what kind of person is Elizabeth Warren really? Let’s go to the people.

The thread started here:

Yours truly couldn’t help but chine in.

So, what kind of person do you think Elizabeth Warren truly is?

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