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This has been the weirdest week.  And that is really saying something.  I feel like this crazy bizarro mess of a week has turned normally logical thinkers into a conspiracy theorists, faux infectious disease experts, and panicked political strategists extraordinaire.

Hearing lots of this crap from generally smart people:

  • “trump doesn’t really have covid!”
  • “this will help trump!”
  • “trump did this on purpose!”
  • “this will change everything!”
  • “Biden needs to handle this differently”
  • “If he gets really sick, this will help trump”
  • “if he doesn’t get that sick, this will help trump”

I get that this is really weird.  But, honestly, none of this matters.

Everyone is just exhausting themselves with this and letting it take their energy away from what really matters.

Of course, it matters a great deal to trump and the people that he infected by being so careless. I didn’t mean that.

And I don’t mean that Trump’s health doesn’t matter.  I don’t want Trump to get really sick and die.  Mostly because I WANT TO BEAT HIS ASS IN NOVEMBER.  I want him alive and healthy so we can destroy him ourselves in this election.

I want a victory so big that the world takes notice of who and what America is.  I want the whole world to see that we choose democracy.  I want everyone to know that we choose equality.  We choose truth.  We choose decency.

I want it to be clear to every one of his violent, racist, and ignorant supporters that they lost. Fair and square.

I am not going to spend any of my time worrying about trump.  I am not going to worry about Melania hating decorating for Christmas.  I am not going to worry about Jr’s gross girlfriend.  I am not going to worry about anything other than the election, the election, and the election.

Anytime something starts to stress me out or distract me, I am going to ask:

  1. Is this related to beating Trump and/or beating as many Republicans as we can?
  2. Is this within my control (i.e. can I do something to help with this like donate or volunteer)?

And if the answer to either of those questions is “no,” I am going to move the fuck on because WE HAVE A MONTH AND WE NEED TO KEEP OUR EYES ON THE MOTHERFUCKING PRIZE

If you are spending your time on any other bullshit right now (that isn’t self-care or something about your own life) back off — my friend — and refocus.

That is what we have to do right now.  I’ll make it simple:

  1. Our basic stuff to live — work, school, etc.
  2. stuff to take care of our physical and emotional wellbeing — exercise, fun, etc.
  3. stuff to take care of people you love

There is a reason that during the civil rights era they kept saying: EYES ON THE PRIZE.  It is really easy to get distracted by a setback or a shiny object or a related issue.  But to win, we need to avoid all that.

We had a bad day?  EYES ON THE PRIZE.

We had a good day?  EYES ON THE PRIZE.

We had a weird ass week that you can’t explain?  EYES ON THE PRIZE


Are you one of the many people who was distracted by the debate and worried about what it meant for Biden?  Well snap out of it because:

The Debate was a giant loss for team trump

That debate was a nightmare… for the Trump team. Yes, watching it was hell for all of us, but it was an enormous failure for Trump and a giant victory for Biden. Why?
  1. Every single scientific poll showed that Biden won. The only people who think trump won are people who would have voted for him anyway
  2. Words undecided voters in @FrankLuntz‘s focus group had for Trump: “arrogant,” “crackhead” and “un-American” Biden: “better than expected,” “more professional,” “restraint and compassion,” “Predictable” “coherent” “leader”
  3. All Biden had to do in that debate was appear like a sane and reasonable person. All of the aggregate polling already has him way ahead and winning the election (by a strong margin). To win, Trump needed to peel off a good chunk of Biden voters. Do you really think that anyone who went into that debate planning to vote for Biden switched to Trump? Really?!
  4. Trump once again refused to denounce white supremacy. When he did this after Charlottesville it led to some of his worst polling ever. This is a terrible story for him and it is sticking.
  5. This was a GIANT fundraising boon for Biden. From 9 p.m. to midnight (on debate night), the Biden campaign brought in nearly $10 million from 215,000 donors, including more than 60,000 new contributors. Those are record-shattering numbers.
  6. Nearly 100,000 signed up to volunteer for the Biden campaign during the debate.
  7. I Will Vote — a voting registration and education website, funded by the Democratic National Committee — also saw its highest traffic in its decade-long history, with users from Pennsylvania, Florida, and North Carolina among the most represented. Nearly 24,000 people submitted new voter registrations.
  8. Biden had some of his biggest crowds ever greeting his train stops the day after the debate.
  9. Trump has some of his worst poll numbers the day after the event.
I’m down to my last two ounces of rum as I write this, so buckle up.
Be glad.
Be glad you got to witness that debacle they had the nerve to call a debate last night.
You got to see a guy deny climate change and talk about how clean our air is, despite the fact we all saw the skies of California turn red like a Martian sunrise.
You got to see that moldy papaya REFUSE to denounce white supremacy, while signaling his cult to prepare for violence.
You got to see him state his intention to pack the courts, pushing the political agenda of this country so far right it’s going to fall off the flat edge surface of the earth.
You got to see him LIE about his taxes despite the fact that we have SEEN the receipts.
Now let’s contextualize those things.
We all know the rich cheat on their taxes, but being HUNDREDS of millions of dollars in debt is, without hyperbole, the single biggest threat to national security.
Climate change isn’t something that’s ten or twenty years off, it’s happening NOW.
Our government is comprised of three branches; the executive has fallen and whether or not we lose the supreme court, we will be dealing with a conservative assault on civil liberties FOR A GENERATION.
And the “proud boys” (dear god who does their marketing?) spent all last night beating off because their fuhrer acknowledged them on national TV.
Most of us live ordinary lives. We eat, we shit, we worry about bills. The opportunity to distinguish ourselves is rarely presented. Yet providence has granted us the gift of being alive at a time when what remains of the moral fabric of this country is being torn asunder.
What a GRAND TIME to DEMONSTRATE the unbreakable QUALITY of your DECENCY.
It is YOUR time. To STAND. To REFUSE to be othered. To shield the most vulnerable with every vestige of your privilege. To create a way of life that acknowledges the darkness of our past and chooses to step forward, TOGETHER, into the light.
To get that mildewy mango motherfucker OUT of office and BEHIND BARS where he belongs. Him, his daughterwife and her slenderman, beavis and butthead, AG droopy dog, the turtle, lady G, and the rest of the complicit, corrupt GOP:
It STARTS with your vote.
It ends with actual fucking liberty and justice for all.
So if you’ve VOTED or intend to vote, and they still haven’t arrested Breonna Taylor’s murderers, guess what: YOUR WORK AIN’T DONE YET.
Be glad.
We live in historic times.
Whether or not this nation crumbles or becomes an actual functioning democratic republic lies in your hands.
You ready?
I am.
As for the “proud boys?”
Come to Brooklyn. We’re standing by.

Eyes on the prize.

Is something else worrying you?  Still worried about that BS plan to win without winning that a trump operative planted in the Atlantic last week?  Stop.

No, Republicans Cannot Throw the Presidential Election into the House so that Trump Wins

In a stunning public admission of a plan to distort our democracy, Donald Trump has been telling his audiences that he will win the 2020 election without winning more votes than Joe Biden. But unlike 2016, Trump’s new plan is not even to win the Electoral College despite losing the popular vote. Instead, he thinks that the U.S. House of Representatives will hand him a second term.

This strategy, however, is based on a misreading of the Constitution. Trump could yet pull off an Electoral College victory, although that is looking increasingly unlikely, but his “throw it into the House strategy” simply will not work.

Pennsylvania’s governor is a Democrat who would veto any effort to circumvent existing state election law.

The Electoral Count Act says unequivocally that “the votes of the electors whose appointment shall have been certified by the executive of the State” are the ones that count. Thus, a partisan dispute arising out of competing slates of electors from Pennsylvania—or Michigan, Wisconsin, or North Carolina, which also have Democratic governors—would be resolved in favor of the Democratic governor’s choice. Biden wins.

the article goes into way more detail and has many more reasons this “plan” won’t work

Eyes on the prize.

Maybe you are worried that Biden will be messing up because of this thing with Trump?  Stop:

Joe Biden has no plans to scale back his campaign events so long as the former vice president and those around him test negative for COVID-19, and on Friday carried on with his plans to travel to Michigan for a previously scheduled campaign stop.
Biden allies told The Hill Friday morning that he intends to continue on with his campaign schedule
In another sign that the campaign has no intention of slowing down, they announced that Jill Biden would travel to Minnesota on Saturday. And in an effort to help bring progressives aboard, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will also hit the road Saturday, holding a “socially distanced rally” in New Hampshire.
“What is there to scale back?” said one longtime ally close to the campaign. “We’re already pretty scaled back as it is. We’ve been following the guidelines, we’ve been wearing masks, we’ve been following science.”

The ally said those around Biden have been advocating to continue the campaign as planned.

and he is doing this in a smart way:

That is both the right thing to do and “the right thing to do.”  It is moral AND it is smart politically. Biden has plenty of other GREAT ads that emphasize his positives that he can play instead.  Beating up on a man who may very well end up on a ventilator is not smart optics.  And it isn’t necessary.

Disagree?  Guess what?  It doesn’t matter.  Unless you are Biden’s campaign manager, this ain’t your job.  Nothing you can do about it. So what do we do when we worry about something election-related that we can’t control?  Move on and keep our eyes on the prize

Perhaps you are worried that people aren’t worked up enough about Biden?  Stop that too:

Biden breaks the $365 million fund-raising record that he set in August.

Joseph R. Biden Jr. raised more money in August than any past presidential candidate had in a single month: $364.5 million. Now he has done it again.

Mr. Biden broke his own record again in September, according to three people familiar with the matter, who said the campaign and its joint operations with the Democratic National Committee had raised more than the August haul but less than $400 million.

The record-breaking sum for a second month in a row is likely to expand Mr. Biden’s financial advantage over President Trump, who had reported raising $210 million in August. Mr. Biden’s September fund-raising haul was first reported by Bloomberg.

Eyes on the prize

worried about voter suppression in Texas?  You got me about that one —  I am too.  So onto question #2: What can we do about it?

Two ideas:

donating to Democracy Docket which is already planning a legal fight
and/or you can volunteer with Beto’s organization which has been working to turn Texas blue
Worried that young people won’t vote because Bernie didn’t win?  Stop → Snapchat has helped 1 million users register to vote, a possible boon to Democrats

Snapchat has helped more than 1 million users register to vote, representatives for the company said. More than half are first-time voters, and more than 80 percent are younger than 30.

Snapchat’s voter registration efforts will almost certainly be a boon for Democrats, as young voters overwhelmingly oppose President Donald Trump and favor the Democratic Party.

Gen Z voters, who are 18 to 23 years old, and millennial voters, 24 to 39 years old, both favor Joe Biden over Trump by almost 2-to-1, according to NBC News/Wall Street Journal surveys from the first eight months of the year.

And the majority of Snapchat users who register through the platform do go to the polls. The company said that in the 2018 midterm elections, 57 percent of the 450,000-plus voters it helped register cast ballots.

Worried that trump could still make a comeback and win the election?  Got me on that too.  That is some scary shit.  So what can we do about that?  Keep working and donating and GOTMFV

You can get people registered. You can Volunteer with the Democratic party  or Volunteer with the Biden campaign  or Volunteer with Beto to turn Texas Blue.

You can also get people who have registered to actually vote.  You can Get involved with Postcards to voters or Register voters in key battleground states.

You can volunteer with Common Cause’s old school Protect the Vote effort.

You can Donate money to the  ACLU — they have filed 20 lawsuits and counting to ensure every eligible voter can vote by mail.

and also read this to keep your blood pressure down (from 538) → Trump’s Chances Are Dwindling.

 Trump’s quest to win a second term is not in good shape. He entered Tuesday night’s debate with roughly a 7- or 8-point deficit in national polls, putting him further behind at this stage of the race than any other candidate since Bob Dole in 1996.1

If we look at potential tipping-point states, the race is a bit closer, but not that much closer. After a couple of strong polls for Joe Biden earlier this week in Pennsylvania — the state that’s currently most likely to decide the election — Trump now trails there by 5 to 6 points. He’s down by about 7 points in Michigan and Wisconsin, meanwhile. Those states, along with MinnesotaMaine and New Hampshire — where Biden has also polled strongly lately — suggest that Biden is winning back some of the Obama-Trump white working-class voters who flocked to Trump four years ago. Indeed, Biden is as close to winning South Carolina or Alaska as Trump is to winning Michigan and Wisconsin, based on recent polls of those states.

The mere passage of time helps Biden in our model, because every day that Trump doesn’t gain ground is a day when his fate becomes slightly more sealed. (Lots of people have already voted!) Case in point: In an election held today — Trump has no more time to make up ground — his chances would be 9 percent, not 21 percent, according to our forecast

Eyes on the prize.


Finally, do you need a little levity before you go off and save democracy?  Awesome, here it is:


some debate humor:


general political humor:


other humor:


some more political humor


and just a couple of these:


Keep your eyes on the prize. We don’t know how trump will react to the virus, we don’t know how being sick will affect his support, we don’t know what will happen if he passes away. We just know that we have an election in a month and we can do all we can to take back our country. That is the only constant. The rest is just anxiety-producing noise for an already anxious nation.

Be kind to yourselves.  Be kind to one another.  Keep your eyes on the prize.

I am so proud and so lucky to be in this with all of you ❤️ ✊ ❤️

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  1. I’m a little worried Trump spread the virus to Biden at the debate. it takes up to two weeks to develop. We won’t know for sure until then.


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