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By Chris Whitley

In my time I have spent a good portion of my life around nightclubs of various forms. I have worked with bands, tended bar and even managed one. So it usually doesn’t surprise me to see a story on a nightclub. But curiosity got the better of me. And imagine my surprise to find out this particular club has ties to the World Economic Forum. Now, recently I had added some channels to my news channel. When I did this it caused me to get some new channels. Seeing that and looking at my overall news feed and I was slightly miffed that it threw my political channel way down the list. So I tried rearranging my channels with my political channel near the top. Now you people that have had your channels set for awhile should give this a shot. My media lesson for the day. Moving on and getting back to the nightclub. As you can see, I listed the World Economic Forum. This is one of the new channels. With all the world leaders off in Europe I definitely wanted to see what a nightclub had to offer. BODYHEAT, the name of an innovative new source of heating that this company is experimenting with. This company TOWNROCK ENERGY is experimenting with taking body heat and capturing it to use in a thermal heat storage system. This came from an idea that this guy David Townsend had been thinking about. Taking body heat and capturing it as you would with your basic heat pump and pumping it down in the ground. He got the idea from working in the industry and seeing in operations like this they would set up a climate with the usual heat and cooling pretty much standard operating system. The problem has always been that while doing this you have to capture the excess heat that gathers in the ceilings and pump it off. Mr. Townsend thought why pump it off. We should capture this heat and pump it off in a similar fashion. David then learned that the club SWG3 in Glasgow, Scotland was in the market for a new heat source. Since Mr Townsend did a lot of clubbing he decided to approach the Operations Manager, Bob Javaheri. Together they decided to give it a shot. With BODYHEAT they take the heat and transfer it to water and pump it some 600 feet underground to store the heat until they need it.

In the usual system they heat water with a gas powered boiler and then add that to the piping to circulate through the system. Then you have ducts to pump excess heat out. With this new system they eliminate the boiler and just use big ductwork to capture the heat that normally rises anyway and send it underground. Thus the venue can then use this heat during the day to heat the building and have space for different uses during the day. Currently finishing up their work on this “radical [Green] retrofit” system. They estimate that they should capture 70 tonnes of carbon with this system. This will all be done in time for the Leaders of the other nations to stop by and take a look. This isn’t some wild new invention. This is basically just retro fitting an existing system. With a few changes I’m sure they will be able to offer this to a lot of users. One of the drawbacks to these systems has always been the need for a heat pump to pre-heat the air as you introduce it to the system. With BODYHEAT you eliminate that unit completely. The people at SWG3 are happy to be still dancing and have set themselves on a path to Net Zero. This will also help Glasgow get to Net Zero by 2030.

This Glasgow nightclub uses dancers body heat to power venue World Economic Forum

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