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Ann Coulter was Trump’s muse, cackling on into the night about how simple and straightforward Trump was, unlike all the other crooked politicians. He simply promised a wall and he simply promised to deport 11 Million immigrants his first day in office. The latter didn’t happen and it doesn’t look too promising for the former and that, according to Coulter, is the sounding of the death knell for Donald Trump. These are excerpts of an interview Coulter did recently with Frank Bruni of the New York Times:

Coulter: Yes. This is a different category you’re seeing now: Former Trumpers. That should be terrifying to the president. Maybe he’ll actually keep his promises. Unlike Marco Rubio. Unlike the rest of them. Unlike Mitch McConnell. We have been betrayed over and over and over with presidents promising to do something about immigration. If he played us for suckers, oh, you will not see rage like you have seen.

Immigration should be a bipartisan issue. I wish Trump would give something like a fireside chat. That’s what he should have done the day of his inauguration: Sit in the Oval Office and say, perfectly somberly and kindly: “I said some wild things during the campaign, it sounds like it’s divisive and angry, but now we need to bring the country together. We can disagree on other things, but one thing that ought to unite us is that we want to protect the people already here.” It’s a perfectly bipartisan issue. […]

Coulter: There is one thing he promised every single day for 18 months. Don’t act like I’m the nut wanting a wall. That was the chant at every rally. I didn’t make this up.

Bruni: But let’s be adults here. Was Mexico ever going to pay for it?

Coulter: No. 1, his voters absolutely do not care.

Bruni: He promised that as often as he promised the wall.

Coulter: I know, but it was like me giving him an A-plus. It was just a fun chant. I promise you: We want a wall, we don’t care who pays for it. But it’s very easy: In 10 years, if we just stopped giving Mexico foreign aid, we’d pay for it.

Bruni: Are you a Former Trumper?

Coulter: He can still come back. If he builds the wall, he’ll be the Emperor God again. I’ll throw a huge party. I’ll start a committee to put him on Mount Rushmore. But right now, if I were a betting woman, I don’t think we’re getting a wall. […]

Bruni: We have heard and we have written endlessly about Never Trumpers. What are Former Trumpers? If he loses you Former Trumpers permanently, what’s he left with?

Coulter: This is not Never Trumpers. It was very easy to brush aside Jeb Exclamation Point. Charlie Sykes. Bill Kristol. The Former Trumpers are the ones who would die for Trump, who would defend him from anything, who did defend him and blew off the “Access Hollywood” tape — blew off everything. We kept coming back. He could sell Ivanka Trump merchandise from the Oval Office if he would just build the wall.

If he doesn’t have us anymore — that’s what he should be worried about, because, you play those people for suckers? The ones who stood by him through thick and thin and thought this was finally something different? Former Trumpers should put the fear of God in him.

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  1. He can’t go to prison soon enough. Putin can’t go away or even die soon enough. This country SHALL take the country back from the GOP and their puppets. Yes, they think they’re puppets; never even realizing they are puppets of Putin and other Communists alike.


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