Evangelical leader tells Fox News rural voters should run Virginia because they own land

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Famous 20th century American televangelist Jerry Falwell has a son, Jerry Falwell Jr. Falwell Jr. has been tied to the Trump campaign not only as a supporter, but as one of the many guys Trump’s former personal attorney and criminal, Michael Cohen, helped when strange salacious materials began circulating that included Falwell and his wife and a blackmailer. Anyway, Falwell Jr. was on Fox News this morning to talk about how Virginia, now turned “blue” due to an election where Virginians came out and voted for NOT Republicans, was going to hell … for landowners like Falwell Jr.

“The Washington D.C. suburbs now control every Virginia statewide election and that’s the result of the radical government in Richmond. And they’re passing all kinds of bills that are just contrary to what the majority of Virginians—not the majority of Virginians, but most Virginians as far as land mass, support,” Fallwell Jr. said on Fox News.

Wow. Just. Wow. Jerry Falwell Jr. believes that democracy must really go way back to ancient Rome, where only landowners could vote on laws. Which makes sense for someone as backward and corrupt as Jerry Falwell Jr., who, you might remember, has been accused of all kinds of corrupt self-dealings. “More than two dozen” Liberty University officials have called his handling of the school’s scholarships and finances dubious, saying, “We’re not a school, we’re a real estate hedge fund.”

What is really happening is that Falwell Jr. and others are trying to secede from Virginia to join West Virginia. The issue being that northern Virginia has been becoming larger, increasingly more racially diverse, and younger. As a result, the more conservative politics of rural communities have begun to feel sad face emoji. Here’s a deal: you get rid of the Electoral College and stop trying to take away people’s voting rights, and we will consider letting you secede from your state.

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chris whitley
chris whitley

Sounds like someone been dipping in the sacramental wine again. You gotta watch those preachers.