Evangelical Author Crashes on Evidence of Trump Being Christian

Screencapture / MSNBC joe scarborough lashes out...
Screencapture / MSNBC

Just devastating.

I have been extremely critical of Joe Scarborough at times, but he found his inner-journalist this morning.

David Brody, the White House correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network, promoted his new ebook “The Faith of Donald Trump” during an appearance Tuesday on “Morning Joe” — where the host asked him to prove his claims about the president’s religious

It didn’t go well for Brody, blow by blow as reported by Rawstory:

Scarborough asked him to show Trump’s faith on display in his Twitter feed, and Brody shared some anecdotes about the president praying with televangelist James Robison in Pensacola — and the host asked him to stop bluffing.

“You’re not stupid,” Scarborough said. “You’re not dumb, you have grown up — you know exactly what I’m talking about. You know exactly what you’re doing. You’re dissembling because you know there is no — you talk about me. I say all the time I’m broken, I screw up every day, I’m a terrible person.”

“If I go to church I go to church begging God for forgiveness,” he added. “You know why? Because that is the center of the Christian faith. All I am asking you is, has Donald Trump once said publicly that he has sinned, fallen short of the glory of God, and asked for God’s forgiveness.”

Credit where due, Joe did step up to push back on the ridiculousness of attempting to pass-off Trump as some religious or faithful person. Indeed, ninety-five percent of the world understands that any type of spirituality requires a level of contemplation or introspection, a humility, that isn’t present in Trump, never has been present in Trump, and no one thinks there is reason to believe it ever will be present in Trump.

Not that it bothers the fundamentalists at all, they continue to pretend to believe, until asked by someone like Joe for evidence.

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