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I was disappointed by the attacks on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her successful opposition and political action against the Amazon. Of course, she was not alone. The fact is until the government stops corporate extortion they will continue to drain our coffers, a direct transfer of wealth to the top. While many complain about the loss o 25,000 jobs, they fail to see the externalities that may have made the job gains moot.

The fight to ensure everyone toes a certain line is on and it is dangerous. Millennials represent the delta that turned a wave that was becoming tepid into a solid Blue Wave. Here is a warning to Establishment Democrats. Do not screw it up.

2020 is the year Democrats must get a spine. It is no time to run to the center by once again disregarding millennials and a large part of their natural base. And for those scrutinizing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, here is a message to you. Stop it.

Jim Rigby, a Facebook friend, and pastor in Austin said it best in a piece he wrote on his wall.

Here are a few suggestions on how to hear the context from which Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is speaking to us:

She is speaking as a radical: When Ocasio-Cortez uses the word “radical” she does not mean “extremist.” She means someone who tries to get past political dualisms and find the “roots” of our problems. That means she believes the answer to our problems cannot be found by polarizing our corrupt system and choosing the better of the two sides. A “radical” isn’t fooled by political labels. Instead of a melodrama of the good team against the bad team, a “radical” analyses the system itself and asks simply who has power and who doesn’t.

Someone who values principles over their own party is not a traitor to that party. They are what we used to call a “statesman.” This young “stateswoman” understands that getting rid of Trump is essential. She is not making a false equivalence between the parties. She is looking for the “roots” of a common standard that will be fair to everyone, especially the most vulnerable. Most all of us agree the system is rigged, right? So why do let our leaders continually convince us to keep playing by the same rules? …

We liberals need to make damn sure that what most offends us most about Rep. Ocasio-Cortezis is not that she is disrespectful and arrogant, but that she is who we pretend to be, but really aren’t.

While Ronald Reagan pulled the wool over the heads of a large number of baby-boomers and GenXers, that is not the case with Millennials. It is high time that these folks see that they have earned the distrust of millennials.

Why should millennials trust those who voted for or did not fight vociferously against trickle-down economics that never trickled down? And after much pain, they helped elect a man of hope who did not fundamentally make enough change to the economy that allows them to strive.

How can an economy with full employment leave so many behind or under-employed? How can you not support pay it forward college when you are willing to subsidize corporations at every turn just for the promise of phantom or low paying jobs? How can you fight against Single-payer Medicare for all on the premise that we cannot afford it but can mobilize, capitalize, and finance a war at an instant? How can we talk about family values when we cannot even value families by supporting national family leave policies of substance.

This economy has failed because those who are now maligning millennials and our solid and knowledgeable young leaders who will no longer play a losing game like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have failed.

Dr. Eddie Glaude Jr., a Princeton Professor said it best talking about what Progressives and millennials are fighting for and whether it is plausible. He said the following.

I think part of what’s happening is that the traditional spectrum of our politics has changed. Often times the categories, Progressive, Conservative, Centrist might not actually map on to what’s happening on the ground. It’s much more complicated, much more fluid.

I think the idea of expanding the pie and dividing the pie. … Most Progressives are thinking that the expansion of the pie involves the top one percent, the top one-tenth percent, taking all of the expansion. We have to address fundamentally that the economy is not working for everyday ordinary folk in a way that it should.

Markets don’t determine what we value. The markets reflect what we value. And it is not about rejecting capitalism as such. It’s about building a society that reflects the value of every everyday ordinary people in our society. And I think that argument has to be had.”

The age of Reagan is collapsing,” Glaude said. “What will take its place? That is the question we are grappling with.

What is ironic is that many who claim to be against what Reagan represented do not realize that they are playing the game he intended them to play and that is why the pilfering is as longlasting as it is. He changed the vernacular. He made what is right and plausible seem unattainable. Real Progressives and millennials will not be played. It will do well for the Democratic Party, the current residence of Progressives, to wake up. Progressives will not remain just the left rail of a track going nowhere they want to go. They want a detour but given their current state, a derailment ain’t all that bad.

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  1. You are right, Egbert, but let us all remember that most “centrist” dems tend to be a little older and have been fighting for liberal values for decades now. We experienced the excitement of the ecology revolution wave with recycling, etc.of 70’s & early 80’s , and once again in the ‘90’s only to witness much of it disappear because society, including those passionate, idealistic college students and young people back then decided they wanted bigger and bigger homes, they wanted SUVs for the convenience, they wanted to live in the burbs for a lot of space for raising families, thus more urban sprawl, etc. People that are now older didn’t start out life on their own wanting to evicerate “progressive” ideas. It’s just that reality got in the way. The more they learned about all the costs associated with a European-style healthcare system (the VAT tax, enormous taxes on each liter, not gallon of gas for those practical SUVs we chose to buy to drive much longer distances to work than Europeans do, etc. We as a society would have decided to pay more taxes for good trains and other public transportation, better schools, etc. instead society wanted the lower taxes that the middle class has had for decades at this point. How are you going to convince the MAJORITY of rural, and older citizens to vote for a really progressive, presidential candidate who will tell them upfront that they will restore higher taxes not only on the wealthy, but on the middle-class as well in order to pay for all of the ideals we want? The question is not if a one-payer healthcare system, if free higher education sounds good to most people in the polls. (Of course it does.) The question our side has to answer ahead of time if we are going to push through a really progressive candidate in the general election, is will society actually vote for our candidate in the end. Remember, those who vote red pretty much ALWAYS vote. Our side has to “feel” the candidate to get out and vote. Or hate Trumpism so much that they are motivated enough to vote, as witnessed in ‘18. Remember that we have to deal with the Voting Rights Act being gutted. This not only hurt Hillary, but every single candidate on our side throughout the nation. Can we motivate enough voters to overcome all the voter suppression roadblocks put in place to screw left-leaning voters? We have to figure out the answers to all of the above in order to get an actual progressive candidate into the White House. I am almost 60 and would be willing to pay more upfront for all of the above. But how do we convince others?


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