Eric Trump Says His Family Is ‘Respected Around The World’ and Re-election Is A Slam Dunk


Eric Trump is not exactly known as the luminary of the Trump family brain trust (an entity  that could maybe power a night light, collectively, if focused at full intensity) and a recent interview with the London Times provides further proof — as if any were needed. Trump was on a visit recently to Scotland for the opening of a group of refurbished Edwardian cottages at the South Ayrshire resort, purchased by the Trump Organization in 2014. First, Eric was asked about his brother, Donald Junior’s, plans to run for president in 2024. The London Times:

“Do I think [my family] has learnt a lot about politics? Yes, I do,” he said. “Do I think we understand it? Yes. Am I saying he [Donald Jr] would run, or any one of us would run? I wouldn’t rule anything out. My father has done so many things to make the country safer and better. We are respected around the world….

They are “respected around the world.” Katie, bar the door, as my Irish peasant relatives were wont to exclaim, when confronted with a fact too incredible to mentally process, even with a shot of Bushmills.  Just in case Eric’s confabulations aren’t ringing true with you, check out a few words from this Washington Post article, “The World Is Laughing At Donald Trump.”This was written after Trump bragged to the UN about how he had “accomplished more than almost any administration in history” and the members of the UN, heretofore a group of genteel ladies and gentlemen, laughed in his face, as you may recall.

Back in January, I pointed out the discomfiting fact that the world hated President Trump. Whether one looked at Pew polling dataGallup polling data or Trump’s inability to negotiate new deals, the evidence was pretty clear:

The Trump administration has paid a high price for trying to articulate its America First foreign policy. In return, the United States has gained . . . nothing. In his first year, Trump can point to no new alliances, trade deals or favorable basing agreements. Trump obsesses (wrongly) about trade deficits, but they increased with both China and Mexico in 2017. The dollar is not surging in response to a growing U.S. economy. Trump’s biggest foreign policy accomplishment is the military campaign against the Islamic State, which is basically a continuation of Obama’s 2016 strategy.

. . . The United States is losing its global standing because the world hates Donald Trump. Anyone who tells you differently is selling you something.

Well, we know what line of goods Eric is selling, snake oil and shit, just like his old man. But wait, his musings don’t stop there, they only get better. He responded to questions about charges of violations of the emoluments clause, and accusations that the Trump International panders to foreign delegations, and in essence, sells access to the *resident, a constitutional no no.

Eric Trump insisted the allegations were cooked up by their opponents.

Brian Frosh, the Maryland attorney-general, is investigating the Trump network of trusts and limited liability companies, believing it to be a means “for hotel revenues to flow to the president” in violation of constitutional rules. “You don’t know how ridiculous that notion is,” Mr Trump said. “We are a simple company. We run hotels, we have the best golf courses in the world. I’m sure the guy who is saying that is also fundraising all for the fact that he ‘going after Trump’.” …. The company does not market to governments or delegations, he insisted, and if any officials booked “through Expedia”, all the money was paid to the US Treasury.

From Expedia dot com straight to the U.S. Treasury. Okey, doke, this is good. Does Expedia know? And, you’ll sleep better tonight knowing this: Donald Trump’s Golf Recreation Scotland is not £107 in debt. That’s just another one of those nasty rumors.

“I’ve heard that story too,” Mr Trump said. “It’s insane. How can we buy a property in cash, do all the improvements in cash, then have a property in debt? Here’s another one of those great rumours: Russia funded Turnberry. It is a joke. We just wired the money. There is not a penny of debt of this property.”

Now, here’s what The Guardian says about the matter, and clearly they’re not having Fox News do the fact checking.

The latest accounts for his network of Scottish companies show he had to plough another £1.3m into his debt-ridden resort in Aberdeenshire to keep it afloat after the North Sea crisis saw its popularity slump among local golfers….Trump International Golf Links Scotland lost nearly £1.2m in 2016...

Trump’s much larger and better known golfing resort and hotel at Turnberry in Ayrshire, which he bought in 2014, has also suffered heavy losses….

Trump increased his funding of the resort by £49m last year. In all, Trump Turnberry owes Trump £112m ($146m), the accounts for its parent company Golf Recreation Scotland show, nearly double the £63m it owed him the previous year. In all, his interest-free loans to both resorts reached £153m ($200m) by the end of last year.

So, the Scottish golf courses are clearly not thriving and it’s well known that the average Scot will spit at the mention of Trump’s name. And I don’t blame them. If he was half Irish, I would crawl under the bed and stay there. Now, here’s what’s wonderful. Are you sitting down? The Guardian got the foregoing facts from none other than Eric Trump!

His son Eric Trump, who was given operational control of the smaller resort north of Aberdeen just before his father became president in January, said 2016 had been a difficult year, and hinted that those financial troubles were continuing….The “crash in oil price and economic downturn” which had hit the north-east of Scotland had seen its income fall by 12.4%, he said. That pushed up its operating losses by 43%. “The industry is both competitive and challenging, factors that were heightened by the ongoing dip in the local economy, and adverse weather conditions,” Eric Trump said in the firm’s annual report.

Income down 12.4% and 43% increase in operating losses on the one hand, he tells the Guardian one day, [via a copy of the annual report they got hold of] and “not a penny in debt” he tells the London Times on the other. Okay, clearly doing Trump’s books is the equivalent of particle physics theory, quantum mechanics, and who knows what all. Used to be money in, in one column, money out in another, red and black ink, but whatever. Eric, thankfully, bottom lines these seeming contradictions for us all, and it is exactly what you would expect — it’s the doing of the Big P.H., or Presidental Harassment.

All of this is “presidential harassment,” he insisted. “Look at the Democrats. They are fragmented, they have literally turned radical. They try to weaponise government in desperation. You watch, we’ll win this thing again. This time we actually know what we are doing.”

HAHA! “This time we actually know what we’re doing,” clearly admitting that the first time out they did not! OMG!

It’s the weekend folks, time to kick off your shoes and have a drink. You keep reading the swamp-fevered ravings of Eric Trump, and you will be ready for one. For a lot more than one. And I thought Hollywood was known for it’s creative bookkeeping. The studios can’t hold a candle to these crooks and liars.

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