A woman who says that she was groomed and raped by Jeffrey Epstein as a teen-ager was passed on to Donald Trump by Ghislaine Maxwell. Trump then installed her in one of his apartments.

The woman’s name is Anouska De Georgiou. Her relationships with Epstein and Trump are both well known, but that it was Ghislaine Maxwell who transferred her from the former to the latter has been overlooked, despite the fact that the details were reported at the time in London’s Sunday Mirror (November 23, 1997, page 14).

According to an interview with De Georgiou that aired on Dateline NBC on September 20, 2019, she was groomed as a child by Epstein:

Ms De Georgiou grew up in an affluent family and attended school with Kate Middleton at the illustrious Marlborough College.

But telling of how billionaire Epstein bent her to his warped will, she told Dateline: “By the time I was being raped, it was too late.”

She added that the sick financier’s cronies and enablers would turn a blind eye to his brazen abuse of vulnerable young girls.

De Georgiou was twenty-years-old by the time she was subsequently introduced to Donald Trump by Ghislaine Maxwell. According to the aforementioned Sunday Mirror article, entitled “How suite! Trump’s Brit of all right”:

(Trump) met London model Anouska De Georgiou at a party in Manhattan. Several American millionaires already had their eyes on Anouska. But she was there with Robert Maxwell’s daughter Ghislaine, who has introduced several of her attractive friends to the property developer. (Italics from the original).

Later in the article, the Sunday Mirror informs us that:

Trump flew Madam Maxwell and the model south to the sunshine state where all three enjoyed a happy weekend together. When they returned to New York, Anouska was installed in one of Donald’s many apartments there.

This all happened back when Trump was a Democrat, so clearly the article was not politically motivated. Note that De Georgiou was only one of several young women that Ghislaine introduced to Trump.

Celina Midelfart is another woman who was associated first with Epstein and later with Trump. She was Trump’s date on the night he met Melania.

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