As per the BBC, the body of Jeffrey Epstein was found at 7:30 local time in his New York jail cell.  He was awaiting trial for charges on federal sex trafficking and conspiracy, to both of which he had pleaded ‘not guilty’.  He was being held without bail.

The New York Post reports that a call for a reported cardiac arrest came in at 6:38 a.m., according to Fire Department sources.  NBC news is reporting that he hanged himself.

The New York Times reports:

Mr. Epstein hanged himself and his body was found this morning at Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan at roughly 7:30.

Manhattan federal prosecutors last month charged Mr. Epstein, 66, with sex trafficking of girls as young as 14, and details of his behavior have been emerging for years.

Mr. Epstein, a financier with opulent homes, a private jet and access to elite circles, had been dogged for decades by accusations that he had paid dozens of girls for sexual acts in Florida.

Epstein had been on suicide watch since he was found in his cell with injuries to his neck two weeks ago.

His death comes just one day after thousands of pages of documents related to Epstein’s trafficking of young girls were released.

The documents (pdf) (pdf) (pdf) detail years of abuse from Epstein and an alleged wide-ranging conspiracy spanning multiple countries and state, involving powerful people around the globe.


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  1. Oh sorry, but how about those crowds? Cheers! Child molesters and rapists have the shortest life expectancy in the prison system. Cheers!

    • .And well deserved. Let’s hope those guys in the Boy Scouts , take lessons from Jeffery.
      …He will be miss by (few ), and the many of whom ,would have “shot “at him .
      ..How many prey’s were answered today ?
      Ah , the power of preyer

  2. A lot of powerful people wanted him dead. Does anybody really think there is not a good chance he was murdered to shut him up?

    • How could you say that about this upstanding citizen ? Friend ,to sooo many infamous folks ? …Let’s see now , they (would /could) , be
      Trump , Barr, Acosta, Wexler . Dershowitz, Starr
      Clinton -(bill) , Richardson , Prince Andrew , and the legion’s of “morally corrupt” folks in Epstein’s “catalog”, (little black book ) .
      “astronomically ,improbable ,coincidence”.
      …Guess who hit the lottery today ???
      We will miss him , so says all his friends.

  3. ..Well ,…how very convenient ,for Trump ,Barr,
    Dershowitz, Starr, Prince Andrew , Clinton, and the legions of people of all (political stripes) associated with the now infamous (pecker /checker ) Epstein ‘s ( very big ) little black book . ..Another page out of The
    “Godfather’s “book …WOW , or LOL ,
    Another of .. BARR’s is “coincidence’s ,..
    …However , I think it could best be described
    ….as , ,,another ,.“DEATH BY TRUMP” !!’

  4. So he was on suicide watch and yet he still committed suicide. That does not pass the smell test. One less child molester scum on this planet. Too bad. Sad. (tRumps words). Hoping someone finds a bunch of tapes with all the rest of the scum he had at his so called parties.

    • …Did someone mention Kevorkian ??
      Who called him in ? Assisted well — yes
      Maybe Definitely.And the real assistance is for those named in Epstein’s little “ black “ book .Which is more like a (sears catalog) , of important, and maybe ( impotent) , people of wealth ,( who needed a rub up) , listed in alphabetic order ??
      ..A to Z , and of …unmentionable,unpronounceable
      names ,reading from right to left , Greek or Russian, Hebrew , Semites, of which many are
      may , by the grace of G-d , Allah ,Barr or just The big guy , never see the light of day . .
      It look so ,,like the fix is in , worthy of a (page in The Godfather book ) . How very convenient . ..Many prayers answered today .


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