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New York Op-Ed Columnist Michelle Goldberg had sort of a freak-out on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes as she discussed Trump’s dereliction of duty.

Columnist Michelle Goldberg understandable freak-out

Columnist Michelle Goldberg is not alone in her exasperation. I get calls that sound like the rant she gave in the clip in this post many times a day. Many people feel like they are walking on, unsettled ground. And the reality is that Donald Trump has made it so.

She is first incredulous that Trump has any support at all.

“I still think it’s unbelievable and a sign of our extreme polarization and a kind of you know epistemological derangement,” Goldberg said. “that Trump is at forty percent and not five percent.”

Goldberg said Trump has ruined many of our lives. She then excoriates him for his institutional destruction.

“A lot of us have watched the institutions of this country burn,” the columnist continued. “We’ve watched the things that maybe we thought made America what, you know, the kind of liberal democracy that those of us, you know that our patriotism was attached to. We’ve watched all of that be eroded. But now we’re seeing our day-to-day lives become untenable because Donald Trump has done to this country what Donald Trump did to trump’s stakes and to his casinos and to everything else that he has ever touched.”

Goldberg said Americans should have realized what was in store. After-all, Puerto Rico, and other disasters were probative.

These types of rants are understandable. But it is imperative that those with a platform do not allow their last word to be that of desperation but of action. We still live in a democracy.


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