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The word “unprecedented” is the most bashed and overused word in the English language since the advent of Donald Trump. Now, in another never-before-seen move in the history of American government, Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt has demanded 24/7 security guard protection — from his own agents, hired to investigate environmental crimes. Washington Post:

“These guys signed on to work on complex environmental cases, not to be an executive protection detail,” Hubbard said. “It’s not only not what they want to do, it’s not what they were trained and paid to do.”

Pruitt has developed a particularly high profile, as well as a divisive one. His aggressiveness in trying to reverse a long list of Obama-era policies and his repeated questioning of how much human activity contributes to climate change has drawn a steady stream of public vitriol. This outpouring has included a slew of explicit messages on social media, where #PollutingPruitt is a popular hashtag.

While the agency’s Office of Inspector General does not discuss the actual number of threats against Pruitt or others at the EPA, it did say investigators have opened more cases this fiscal year than in fiscal 2016. Thirty-two percent were aimed at Pruitt — including “some very personal, ugly threats,” said Patrick Sullivan, the EPA assistant inspector general for investigations — compared with 9 percent directed at his predecessor Gina McCarthy in fiscal 2016.

Pruitt has a security detail of eighteen, count ‘em, eighteen people round the clock needs. Of course some of these people fly with him on his very frequent trips back and forth to Oklahoma, and $800,000 has been allocated for that. Between Pruitt, Trump’s security detail both at Trump Tower and at Bedminster costing the taxpayers far more than any other president in history, plus Tom Price with his excessive flying, the taxpayers are being first taken to the cleaners and then wrung dry. Last but not least, Betsy DeVos spent $8Million in eight months on her security. When you consider that her brother, Erik Prince of Blackwater fame, is a mercenary, doesn’t it make you wonder why he can’t help his sister out with a couple of guards?

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