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From WaPo:

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk threatened Wednesday to resign his position as an adviser to President Trump if the United States withdraws from the Paris climate deal, a remark that highlights Trump’s precarious position in a high-stakes international standoff.

Donald Trump the “business guy” who can’t keep a promise, can’t keep key people from leaving, and just can’t keep it together.

Musk’s resignation in protest would show a loss of faith in Trump by a key business leader, weakening the economic credibility Trump sought for his administration by appointing nearly 20 powerful CEOs to a advisory council in December. In addition to Musk, Trump named the chief executives of JP Morgan, Disney and IBM to the panel.

Good for you Mr Musk. Many of us weren’t quite pleased when we learned you’d be part of that clown show, but this is showing you’re taking it all too seriously.

And literally the only people in the world who disagree with you/us are American Republicans. Unfortunately those Neanderthals control the White House and both houses of congress.

No convincing them, or their minions.

But if anything can help turn heads and change minds among the apathetic masses it might very well be this.

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