Elizabeth Warren Calls Jared Kushner Complicit, Others Accuse Him Of Genocide and Murder Over Nixed COVID-19 Plan


Isn’t it lucky for Jared Kushner that he has wife Ivanka to instruct him how to “find something new?” Because if anybody needs to make a career change, it’s Jared. Calls for the “de facto president” to resign have been coming fast and furious since the Vanity Fair bombshell, describing how Kushner nixed a national coronavirus testing program because to do so was politically advantageous for his father-in-law. The blow back has been leviathan.

Absolutely, But in an administration headed by Donald Trump and with Bill Barr running the Justice Department, don’t hold your breath. And Warren’s not. Although bear this in mind: remember when Kushner told Trump that Google was “working day and night” to put together a website to facilitate testing — and Google didn’t know anything about it? It was later reported that Trump viciously lit into Kushner and Kushner didn’t recover for several days. It is a remote possibility that Trump would dump “my star” Kushner. Don’t expect it, but never count anything out in Trump world, which is a political video game on acid, always has been.

This is not hyperbole. 155,000 Americans are dead and this statistic changes daily. There are 4.62 million confirmed cases in the United States. And who knows how many of us are running around asymptomatic and we can’t get tested — because of Kushner and Trump deciding to play a long shot and watch the virus, “disappear…like magic?” People are calling for this to go before the World Court at the Hague. This is not a joke.

Trump has touted himself as a “wartime” president. Unfortunately, the people he’s at war against is us.

Matt Duss was foreign policy adviser to Bernie Sanders. Prosecuting a previous administration is a concept to make one pause. But on these facts, where you have a narcissistic sociopath for a president, who doesn’t care if people die so long as he can stay in office, and you have an equally sociopathic and incompetent in-law, who likewise wants to stay in power, so he can keep grifting the nation’s coffers to the tune of $182 Million in one year — that we know about — it’s time to reassess.

Somebody needs to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, namely the 155,000 Americans who are needlessly, and wrongfully, dead. And as you read these words, that figure is increasing and the pandemic is spreading in this country. And when you wake up tomorrow, it will be that much worse.

Donald Trump was terrified today. You could see that from the way he went blithering on about absentee voting being good, while mail-in voting is bad, oblivious to the fact that they’re the same thing, or that universal mail-in voting works beautifully in Colorado. It guarantees a high turnout and it minimizes costs. I’m willing to bet that he hides out tomorrow. The temperature just went up in the Trump world kitchen such that it makes the current heatwave in the southwest seem cool by comparison. Even an ice cube in the Mojave is having a better time of it today than Donald Trump.



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Hölle U.
Hölle U.

Time to Don my Guy Fawkes mask. We have gone full V for Vendetta, folks.