Eisenberg, Ellis and Bolton To Testify Before Impeachment Committees Next Week

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The impeachment snowball is rolling downhill now and gaining greater mass. Next week, look to hear from National Security Council top lawyer John Eisenberg and his deputy, Michael Ellis. Those depositions go forward on Monday. Then on Thursday is the biggy, John Bolton. There are two schools of thought on the upcoming Bolton testimony. One, is that he’s going to sell Trump down the river, because when he was terminated he said, “I’ll have my say.” A week from Thursday would certainly be a time for him to have that say.

On the other hand, there is speculation, from former Pentagon speechwriter John Gans, that Bolton won’t turn on Trump.  Raw Story:

“Well, John Bolton sort of came up in Washington at a time where the presidency was really at its lowest point,” Gans described. “He arrived in Washington after Watergate as a Nixon White House intern. And he actually thought Congress really overreacted to Watergate and spent much of his career sort of much of the 1980s defending the president and the White House from investigations into foreign policy. He fought against Iran Contra. Actually fought against Congress’ investigating a drug deal. As the impeachment fight shapes into a battle between Congress and the White House over the ability to hold the president accountable for foreign policy, it’s hard to imagine John Bolton coming out and sort of counteracting everything he’s done over his entire career to, sort of, get revenge or perhaps undermine President Trump.”

“I think some of what we’re seeing reported in some of what we’re hearing from the testimony of some of the people that worked for John Bolton suggested Bolton was concerned and started to sort of establish a paper trail with the lawyers both at the White House and at the State Department,” said Gans.

I guess we’re going to find where Bolton stands, aren’t we?

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I think that Bolton does have a bit of axe to grind, although he might just say enough to tap a few nails in the box , I guess it depends on what mood he’s in that day, or he’ll unload everything in his upcoming book

chris whitley
chris whitley
This Gans guy tells a good story. But you have one thing here. Bolton is getting older. If he’s going to stay in politics he’s going to have to make some sort of statement. It could be in the form of no comment as Gans says. But I see he’s pissed off at trump. He offered his resignation trump turned it down then fired him by tweeting. Trump couldn’t man up and do it in person. In Bolton’s world that’s a slap in the face. And under the code of honor that means the gloves are off. He may or… Read more »