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Democrats 8, Republicans 0.

Democrats just won’t stop winning. 

Tuesday night’s first red-to-blue flip was in Florida, where Democrat Annette Taddeo picked up a historically Republican seat in the state Senate.

The second upset came in New Hampshire, where Democrat Kari Lerner flipped a dark red GOP district in the state House. Lerner defeated a Republican former state representative 50-48 percent, improving on Clinton’s performance here last fall by 25 points. This seat backed Donald Trump by a 59-36 margin in 2016 and voted 60-39 for Mitt Romney in 2012. 

So now we have two massive upsets in a single night and one very worried party. These two flips follow Democratic pickups in New Hampshire and Oklahoma just a couple of weeks ago, and two earlier flips in Oklahoma in July. This trend of Democratic flips began in May, when Democrats flipped another state House seat in New Hampshire and a state Assembly seat in New York.

This means that Democrats have now won seats from the GOP eight times in just 27 chances—almost 30 percent of all contested special elections in Republican-held seats in the Trump era. What’s more, the playing field has been very hostile to Democrats: Trump won these 27 districts by an average of 19 points.

These are some terrifying statistics for the GOP. Republicans can’t afford to continue struggling like this if they hope to hold on to majorities in state legislatures and the U.S. House this cycle.

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