Editorial Cartoons and Artwork – Impeachment Edition

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Week 1 of the Impeachment hearings was a doozy. Democrats presented a mountain of evidence from career professionals of the highest caliber, while Republicans did what they know best — deceive, distract and throw poop.

Here are some of the best editorial cartoons this week — mainly focused on the impeachment hearings.

As they say, a cartoon is worth a thousand words, so here we go.

The great republican impeachment strategy

Republicans hear no evil.

Non-Blind Elephants.

The new GOP answer to every question — Hunter Biden

The defense from the party of stupid

Try it next time your client is in front of a judge.


Oops. Sunshine is poison to republicans.

Whole lotta throwing-under-the-bus going on.

Hairy Shadow Foreign Policy

Adam Schiff knows how to keep republicans in check

It’s only been 2 days so far, folks.

The Exodus will accelerate

Bad-ass Marie Yovanovitch

Real-life cartoon

The three stooges.

Caption this –


Stone walls crumbling

The Dog-Whistleblower

The face of integrity and Service to the nation.

Yes, she did. And she prevailed.

Behind these laughable moments is the fact that GOP and its inept minions are woefully unprepared, have no defense of the actual crimes committed, are grasping for straws and will stick to their strategy of throwing poop and hope their uninformed base will simply rant and rave. They have succeeded before with their scorched earth tactics, hence, we have to stay focused and keep responding to their false narratives, their juvenile shifting arguments and their full-scale mud-slinging campaign with the simple truth — extortion, bribery and witness tampering are high crimes and no one is above the law.

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Stephen Miller is the stuff of nightmares.


These are priceless, great job guys!!!

Mick owens
Mick owens

How much longer!!!, get rid of the prick now